5 Tips for Organizing an Awesome Party That Does Not Involve Alcohol

Planning a fun party without alcohol may seem challenging, but it’s entirely possible. With a little creativity and advanced planning, you can throw a memorable bash that keeps guests engaged all night long. While alcohol might seem like a staple at many parties, there are actually plenty of great reasons not to serve it at […]

The Holidays Are Approaching. Let’s Get Ready!

Did you notice? Halloween ended two days ago and boom! Christmas everywhere! I walked into Walmart today and I promise you I heard Christmas music playing. NOOOOOOOO!! Just kidding but seriously, the holidays are approaching whether we’re ready or not. Are you? I most certainly am not but can’t deny all the good deals that […]

What to Consider When Fostering Teens

It is no secret that teenagers demand a different set of parenting skills. Well, the same is true when you foster a teen. When a carer steps up and opens their home to a teen or has a long-term placement with a child who is coming into this age group, there are some considerations to […]