5 Attic Issues You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Attics don’t get the same attention as other rooms in our home – largely because many of us don’t spend much time in them beyond extracting Xmas decorations or hiding away clutter. However, it’s important to regularly inspect your attic for issues. Just like any other room, attics are prone to structural wear and tear. And this wear and tear can lead to all kinds of problems that can have a negative knock-on effect on your entire home. Below are just some of the common attic problems to be most wary of. 

Poor insulation

Heat naturally rises. If your attic has no insulation installed, you could be losing a lot of your home’s heat through your roof. Cracks and fissures can lead to even greater heat loss, and should be the first thing you plan on fixing. After this, consider comparing different forms of attic insulation such as spray-foam, fiberglass batts or cellulose. Insulation companies can safely install this insulation for you. The cost of installing insulation will vary depending on what insulation method you choose and the area that you want insulated. 

Rainwater leaks

Roofs can develop cracks which can allow rainwater to drip into the attic. It’s important to detect these leaks early in order to prevent major water damage. Signs of a leak to look out for include dripping sounds, damp marks on the ceiling or walls or mold growth (more about this below). You may be able to find the source of the leak yourself and patch it up. If not, consider hiring a roofing company to detect the leak and repair it. 

Mold outbreaks

Some attics can get very humid and can become a breeding ground for mold. This could be due to moisture getting in through places it shouldn’t be, or it could be caused by moisture from inside your home collecting in your attic and having nowhere to escape. Making sure that your roof is sealed and installing an extractor fan (and possibly a dehumidifier) could help to reduce mold. If you have serious mold already growing in your attic, consider whether it’s worth hiring a mold removal company – getting rid of this mold fast could be essential for keeping the air quality of your home healthy. 

Pest infestations

All kinds of critters can find their way into cracks and holes in your roof. Rats are a common pest that can live in attics – look out for droppings or scratching sounds. Bats can also nest in attics – you’ll usually be able to hear these creatures flapping around. Wasps can also form nests in attics. All of these critters may require you hiring pest control services to remove. Fail to remove them, and they could find their way into other parts of your home and cause further damage as well as contamination issues

Warped flooring

Old attic floors can become warped over time. You may be able to tell they’re warped just by looking at them, however you can test it by rolling a ball and seeing if it naturally rolls to one side. Warping can often be due to moisture, however it can also be due to storing lots of heavy items in your attic. If you don’t want the floor collapsing, it’s worth getting the flooring repaired as soon as possible. Just make sure that the source is tackled too (Is there a leak? Do you need to get rid of some of your clutter?).

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