How to Work in the Fashion Industry

Of the list of cool industries to work in, fashion has to be near the top. And if you’re someone who loves all things clothes, then it’ll absolutely be at the top. While competition for jobs within this industry can be tough, obtaining a position is far from impossible, especially since it’s such a large, wide-ranging industry.

If you’re thinking ahead to your future career possibilities or you’re looking for a change, then this article can help you get started on your journey. 

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Look At Your Options

Knowing that you want to work in fashion is really only the starting point. After all, as we said above, it’s a large industry with many different elements. So your first step will be to decide which aspect of the fashion industry you want to work in. You may want to work as a writer for a magazine or be a buyer for a brand. You’ll also need to think of what level of the fashion industry you want to work in: are you a luxury brand type of person, or more an everyday mainstream retailer type of fashionista?

Be a Self Starter

You can give yourself a significant advantage over other job applicants by demonstrating commitment to the industry. Many people want to work within this industry, but not everyone wants to put in the work required to give themselves the best chance of landing a position. There are plenty of ways to be a self starter in fashion. For instance, if you want to work for a fashion magazine, then you could get started by writing a blog for your own website. If you want to work more directly with clothing, then you could invest in a JUKI sewing machine, and begin designing and making your own clothing products. The bottom line? You don’t always have to wait for someone to offer you a position before you can begin doing the type of work you love!

Build Connections

You don’t lose anything by building connections within the fashion industry. Network correctly, and it could have a profoundly positive impact on your career, though it’s important not to go into social situations with the sole intention of boosting your job outlook. However, it could one day bring that added bonus. So how do you build connections? In the beginning, it’s about immersing yourself in the world. Attending events, signing up for online webinars, and connecting with others on social media channels can all help. 

Consider a Move

The fashion industry is widespread, but it tends to be limited to certain areas. For instance, you’re unlikely to find too many fashion companies operating in a rural area. As such, in many cases, it’s recommended to move to an area that’s known for the type of fashion that you’re interested in. Even in an age when there are more remote jobs than ever, it’s still advisable to put yourself in the center of the industry while you search for a job. It’s just much easier to do so when you’re “on the ground.” Of course, moving to a larger city won’t always be possible, and in that case, don’t give up hope of landing a position. It’s just that it may be easier if you can move. 

Internships and Experience

Internships form a big part of the fashion industry, and they can certainly help to provide valuable experience that can be extremely helpful later down the line. So if you’re in a position to do so, consider applying for an internship. Just be sure that it’s one that will genuinely add value to your career since some companies use the cover of ‘internships’ to get work that an employee could do. 

Have Patience

Unless you have direct connections to the industry, it’s unlikely that you’ll walk into a position at the first time of asking. It’ll take time, perhaps significantly more time than obtaining a position in another industry — after all, many people want to work in fashion. As such, it’s important to be patient. If you work hard and take your search seriously, then you will eventually land a job. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that your fashion career may not be exactly as you planned. There will be detours, and you may end up working in a completely different area of fashion. It’s best to embrace the journey in all its glory, without being afraid to say no to certain opportunities because it’s not exactly what you planned — they might take you somewhere even better.

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