D-Link High Definition WiFi Camera #Back2School

D-Link High Definition WiFi Camera

Disclosure: We received free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I know it’s hard to think about something happening while your away from home, but the truth is, it does happen. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to keep your eyes on your home even when you’re not there. Introducing the D-Link high […]

The Dangers of Dry Rot in Your Home

Dry rot is a fungus that can invade your home and damage it structurally. Dry rot can render a structure unsound and, ultimately, dangerous. Terraces have been known to collapse because of dry rot. When dry rot invades a home, the result could be dangerous and expensive to repair. The dry rot fungus is invasive […]

Disability Benefits For Injured Factory Workers

Factory work is some of the most dangerous work in America according to the 2012 statistics from the United States Department of Labor. The amount of people who sustained injuries performing factory work is almost identical to that of police officers and firefighters. Packers, handlers, forklift drivers, heavy machinery operators, cutters and assemblers are susceptible […]

Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure at All Times

Many homeowners are concerned about the security of their home. Along with home alarm systems, there are several simple ways to keep your home secure at all times and give you peace of mind when you go out of town or leave the kids home with a babysitter. Lock the Door Keeping your home secure […]

Top 5 Features Home Inspectors Recommend When Selling Your Home

If you have ever purchased or sold a home, you probably developed a (hopefully good) relationship with your home inspector. My father-in-law is actually a licensed home inspector in the city of Dallas and comes across hundreds of homes a year. He ends up knowing which ones sell quickly versus staying on the market a […]

3 Steps to Prepare For a Tornado

Several weeks ago America saw one of the most devastating tornados in American history strike in Oklahoma. Much like the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina many people in Oklahoma weren’t properly prepared for the natural disaster. I want to help us look at several ways we can prepare for a Tornado in the […]

Check Your Deck-What to Look For

Having a deck can be a blissful way to relax on a nice summer day or a place to enjoy the company of loved ones and neighbors. If not checked regularly, many serious issues could arise.  The infographic below  explains what to look for and if you might need to replace parts on or around […]