Protecting Yourself and Your Wellbeing

Image Source The majority of us tend to have a lot on our plates on a day to day basis. We have a lot of responsibility to keep up with. We have to go to work to support ourselves and our dependents, providing shelter and putting food on the table. If you have children or […]

Five Reasons To Brush Your Teeth

From the moment you got your first tooth as a baby, your parents have been brushing your teeth and have been looking after them for you.. As you grow up you start to take over and brush your teeth yourself. Oral health is about so much more than just healthy teeth, and it starts from […]

Ladies, Let’s Talk About Fishy Smells

Many TikTok and Instagram videos encourage young women to change their diets or routines to transform the smell of their private parts. It might seem harmless to knowledgeable adults, yet teenage girls and young women may lack the experience to recognize scams or unrealistic promises. It’s the responsibility of mothers and other women to educate […]

6 Top Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

6 Top Tips to Boost Your Mental Health  Image credit When you are trying to get your life together, your mental health is one of the most important factors that you should focus on. Your mental health will determine your mood, energy levels, ability to focus and concentrate, and will impact all areas of your […]

How to Test Your Children’s Eyesight at Home

As we grow up, getting our eyesight tested is extremely important. In some cases, early detection can actually prevent certain conditions from getting worse. However, life can be busy, and it can be challenging to get your child to the optometrist. Luckily, it is possible to do a test at home. Technology and an understanding of […]

Using Orthovisc in Our Daily Life

Knee joints are among the most complex joints within our body. They allow us to contract and to extend our leg muscles and they are particularly important for our balance as well as our mobility. However, precisely because they are so complex, there are various issues that can befall them. Even the smallest concussion can lead to unimaginable […]