Ways To Make Remote Working With Kids Less Stressful

Working from home sounds like a dream for many people, as it offers numerous benefits. But the other side of the experience can be a nightmare, especially if you have to juggle your work with childcare responsibilities. For example, trying to meet work deadlines while homeschooling your child or raising a little one can be very demanding, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Little wonder 8 million working parents experience “preventable” burnout. So, is working from home while parenting drawing you closer to your emotional edge? The following tips can help ease the stress.

  1. Cut down your to-do list for increased productivity

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Take a look at your current daily to-do list and find ways to cut it down. You can push some items back to the weekend, pass on some responsibilities to a friend or colleague, or completely cancel some of your tasks. The aim is to make you as productive as possible with the little time you have. Also, be sure to invest in work tools that’ll improve productivity, from your hardware to the software tools you use. For example, you can take the necessary optimization steps to prevent your Mac or computer from slowing down, causing you delays, and stressing you out in the process. 

  1. Work in short bursts

Having babies or toddlers can make it very difficult to plan a routine. In this case, your best option may be to work in short bursts whenever possible, for instance, when your child is sleeping. But if you’re lucky enough to have someone helping, design your work schedule so that you come out to help when the other person is tired. 

  1. Make your routine as flexible as possible

Having a stable daily routine with predictable patterns can be very helpful. But if you have kids around, you need to be okay with changing your routine without a moment’s notice. Some days, you might prefer to begin your morning with a good shower, exercise, or a cup of coffee. But other days, your little one might need urgent attention, and you’ll have to push the coffee and exercise for later.

  1. Separate your workspace from the rest of the home

Do your best to separate your workstation from the rest of the home to avoid distractions. If you don’t have the luxury of using a separate room as your home office, pick a spot that offers the least number of distractions. If your kids are old enough to understand, you need to let them know that you can’t be bothered if you’re at your workstation – of course, unless it’s an emergency. 

  1. Get an extra pair of hands

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Sometimes the best and most practical way to ease stress is to get someone to help you out. If your partner can provide you with that extra pair of hands, perfect! Sharing the childcare responsibilities will help lift a load of stress off your shoulders. If that’s not an option, consider hiring a babysitter or find out if any of your friends can help.

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