Addicted To Online Gaming

Online gaming can be so much fun but also addicting. I love playing online games every once in a while, in my spare time. My favorite games to play are solitaire and slots. I never play for money, just for the fun of it. Online gaming has been around for quite some time now and attracts millions of people every day. Sites like and Game House can keep one entertained for hours. It’s very easy to get sucked in trying to play until you win. I have found myself having to pull away from the computer because I wouldn’t get any work done around the house.

There are plenty of sites that offer free and paid games depending on what you are looking for. Like I explained earlier, I play for fun and don’t ever spend money to play these online games. It is all up to you and how you game. Playing for cash isn’t bad, it is just not for me. With my luck I would lose everything trying to win. I would win big then lose it all being greedy trying to win more. My mom plays all the time and wins big. I wish I knew how she did it,or I wish it would rub off on me.

It doesn’t matter if you play for free or play for money. Online gaming is fun any way you play, whether it’s for money or entertainment, plus it helps to relax me on days I want to unwind. Just be sure to know your limits and try not to overdo it. If you remember an old episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Carlton got hooked on gambling you will heed my advice! It’s a funny episode but in reality losing money is never fun so play the game wisely. Have fun and be happy!!

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