Visual Learning ~ How We Retain Most Information

Disclosure: I have received monetary compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. It always seems to amaze me when I think about how much we learn throughout the years. From the time we are born and as we get older, we are constantly learning something new. Our brains are crammed […]

Is “32a”the New “34a”?

Do you remember your first bra fitting? That magical moment when you found out where you stood in the world? 32A, 34AA, 36B – girls know these numbers instinctively by high school, kind of the way boys know the numbers of a car’s rims. The bigger the bra size the more popular you are because […]

Do You Use Klout? Why or Why Not?

I love Klout Perks I have been using Klout for quite some time now and have gotten some pretty cool perks. The ones you see below are just a couple of my most recent perks. What is Klout? Klout is free to join and gives you a score  (1-00) based on your social media influence. […]

Addicted To Online Gaming

Online gaming can be so much fun but also addicting. I love playing online games every once in a while, in my spare time. My favorite games to play are solitaire and slots. I never play for money, just for the fun of it. Online gaming has been around for quite some time now and […]

Free Blogger Opp-AFA Mali Fouton Giveaway

AFA Mali Futon Giveaway – Win an AFA Mali Futon with AtoZStores! Sign up for this free blogger event that is sure to bring some great traffic! There will be 2 winners to get an AFA Mali Futon a $419.99 value. Each blogger will get one free link for promotion. Giveaway dates are 9/24-10/8 so […]

UBC Day 31-I made it!

This is the last day of the ultimate blog challenge and boy am I glad I made it. Not only am I glad I made it, I am glad I did it. It was a very challenging thing to stray a little bit away from just reviews and write every single day. Yes I still […]

Day 30-Ugh Is All I Can Say

  Today I would normally be weighing and measuring myself but that is not going to happen. I know I have gained weight so I am not even going to bother. I have not worked out and certainly have not been eating right. I am just going to start fresh and weigh in next week. […]

UBC Day 29-Time To Catch Up

Today is Day 29 of the Ultimate blog Challenge and I have a little catching up to do to say that I successfully completed it. It has been a long road but thankfully I have gotten fresh ideas sent daily to my inbox. That is one great thing about the challenge. There is always something […]

UBC Day 28: What’s For Dinner?

What’s for dinner tonight at your house? Tonight at mine we are having some home made nachos using mission tortilla chips, ground turkey, shredded taco blend cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and salsa. Very simple dish to whip up when you are pressed for time. This can also make a great party dish that everyone will […]