How To Move To A New Office Without Wrecking Everything

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Moving your company to a new headquarters can be a challenging task. There’s a lot to think about and the logistics can be exceptionally involved. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We look at some of the ways to move to a new office without wrecking your company’s operations. Here’s what you need to do in no particular order. 

Get Insurance

If you don’t have insurance yet for the move, get it. Your existing insurer may require you to take out additional cover when transitioning between offices to protect against dropped equipment or business continuity issues when you arrive at your new location. 

Back-Up All Your Data

You should also back up all your data and store it on third-party cloud servers to protect you during your move. Ensure you can retrieve your sensitive and valuable documents if you encounter problems with on-site computers and servers during the move. 

Backing up your data is most manageable when you work with a third-party company. Getting professional help avoids missing anything that might be important to you in the future. 

Take A Detailed Inventory

You or your moving company should also take a detailed inventory of everything at your business to ensure it all arrives at the destination. Valuable items going missing on the way are an insurance liability and can delay you from setting up your enterprise at the new location. 

Creating an inventory is relatively straightforward, but it does require a little planning. Ideally, you want a checkable list you can tick off when new items arrive in the proper location at your new office destination. 

Tell Staff About The Move In Advance

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Don’t expect staff to be happy about the office move. For most, it will be an inconvenience. However, warning them in advance helps them make preparations and can sweeten the deal a little. 

Try to inform everyone about the office move at least six months in advance. This approach gives everyone time to switch to new accommodation if necessary, clear out their desks, and prepare for the next stage in the company’s evolution 

Start Preparing To Pack Fragile Items

You also want to start packing fragile items well in advance as these can be challenging to move at short notice. Again, it is a good idea to use a professional moving company for this purpose. Pros have all the packaging materials and expertise you need to safely move your most valuable and heaviest equipment. 

Label Your Items

Another thing you can try to prevent your move from turning into a business disaster is to label all your items. Writing down what everything is can help if you are shifting large numbers of boxes around. It’s particularly helpful for moving archival resources. 

Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need

Finally, get rid of anything in the office you won’t need at your new location. Don’t hold onto things for the sake of it. 

You could also organize items by department to make them more straightforward to move when you reach your destination. 

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