How to Embrace a Fresh Start

One of the hardest things to do is to embrace a fresh start in life. We are creatures of habit, of routine, and when we create our grooves, we like to stay in them. Choosing to turn your back on the grooves that you’ve made for yourself over the years and start all over again is a very brave, very big decision. Whatever you want to call it, whether a fresh start or a clean slate or an entirely new beginning, there’s always something about it that’s going to sound fun and appealing. And it is. Even if you can’t leave every single care behind, you can still start all over again and enjoy yourself. 

Your fresh start could be anything from going back to school and changing your career or finding the right moving supplies so that you can pack up and move to a new location. Fresh start to allow you that moment of permission to begin all over again. And sometimes we need to give ourselves that permission so that we can carry through that fresh start. We all want the chance to feel like we are getting somewhere in life and a fresh start can often be that.So here’s how to embrace one. 

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  • Take a moment to breathe. Choosing to get that fresh start that you’ve wanted is actually such a big decision you need to take a minute to think about it. You have to reflect on what part you want to carry forward with you and what parts of you that you’d like to leave behind.It’s scary to jump into a whole new future, one that you didn’t map out for yourself all these years. But we create new grooves so that we can move into them, and this is the part where you need to consider what you don’t want to take.
  • Forgive yourself. Embracing a fresh start means forgiving yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the first place. This means letting go, and that requires a form of forgiveness that allows you to move forward with ease and with peace in your heart. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you don’t take yourself accountable for your actions. In fact, it’s a good way to make yourself feel more accountable than ever before. But when you forgive yourself, you allow yourself to approach your complicated self as honestly as you can.
  • Reframe your future. Find a way to remind yourself that this is what you want. This fresh start of yours is going to be a positive one and a good one, and the more you talk yourself into that, the more it’s going to ingrain in your brain. You need to have good energy around the ‘I want to’ and ‘I need’ rather than the ‘I have’ or ‘I should’. You want your energy to be full and your heart to be full as well.

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