How to Give Your Car It’s Sparkle Back

We all love a new car, whether it’s that new car smell or sliding into that front seat for the first time. The crisp handling of a new car is something we only get to capture once, because as soon as you start using it, and especially if you have children, your car loses its sparkle. 

A new car is exciting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t restore that same sparkly feeling in your existing ride, which is what this article is about. We want to talk about how you can get your car ‘s sparkle back and with a little bit of elbow grease and the help of car high-gloss coating spray, you can do exactly that. Below we’ve got a list of tips of exactly how you can make it so that your car feels shiny and sparkly once again.

Image source: Pexels

  • Take it to a proper car detailer. Before you do anything with your client, you need to give it a proper clean. Taking it to a detailer and getting it shiny both inside and out will help. The more that you use your car, the dirtier it gets from the mud that you track in under your shoes to the food that gets left on the floor from the kids. Sometimes all it takes is a good wash to reveal how shiny it once was. If you want to make your car look completely new, a professional detailing can give your exterior a polish and wax and you can even get your entire car ceramic coated. This will give it its long lasting appearance. You can also refresh your upholstery and make the interior look and smell like it’s just come off the factory floor.
  • Upgrade the paintwork. You don’t necessarily have to respray the entire car, but a paintwork upgrade can make it look great. Paint on your car is bound to get chipped or scratched from time to time, and while it’s an expensive solution to respray the entire thing, you could always just drop your car off at an auto Body Shop and have those small scratches touched up. You could do this yourself, of course, with an automotive touch up paint kit, but if you want somebody to do it and make sure that it looks brand new, take it to somebody who knows what they’re doing.
  • Go and visit a mechanic. Sometimes giving your engine a tune up can really help your car to feel less sluggish. As you drive miles and miles, the spark plugs and the air filter as well as the fuel filter will wear out. This causes the engine to lose some of its amazing performance that it started off with. Thankfully, all you need is to speak to a mechanic and have those cheap parts replaced. This will help to restore the power of your engine exactly where it should be and make you feel like your car has its sparkle back.

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