A Brief Guide to Choosing the Right Oil Filter for Your Truck

There are certain aspects of truck maintenance that you have to get spot on. Choosing the right oil filter is one of those decisions that you have to get right if you want your truck to perform and run perfectly.

Your oil filter plays a vital role in helping to remove contaminants from the oil as it circulates around the engine. If you choose the wrong filter you could easily suffer from poor performance and could even damage your engine.

Sourcing the right parts is an essential part of your maintenance strategy. If you shop international truck parts you will be able to source what you need based on the make and model of your truck.

In the meantime, here’s a quick guide to choosing the right oil filter.

What type of oil are you using?

A key point to consider when selecting your oil filter is to find one compatible with the type of oil you are putting in your engine.

It should be noted that oil filters are designed to specifically work with certain types of oil. Make sure you match the oil filter with the type of oil you are using, whether that is synthetic, high-mileage, or conventional engine oil.

It should always be remembered that your choice of oil filter will be critical to achieving the best engine performance and giving your engine the best protection possible.

Consider your typical driving conditions

Another key point that often gets overlooked is that driving conditions can often have an impact on your engine. That is another strong reason why it pays to choose the right oil filter.

If you typically drive your truck in dusty and dirt conditions, for instance, you should look to install an oil filter that operates at a higher performance level as it has been designed to cope with a higher level of contaminants.

This type of filter is well worth considering. It combines mechanical and chemical filtration methods to give your engine the level of protection it needs when operating in more challenging conditions.

It would also be a smart choice of oil filter if you are using synthetic oil or your truck is a high-performance vehicle.

Go with a good brand

With something as vital as an oil filter it always pays to avoid compromising on quality for the sake of price.

It can be very tempting to choose an oil filter with a low price tag. However, that decision could be one you regret if you suffer some form of avoidable engine damage.

The price usually reflects the quality of materials used in making the filter. If you choose a recognized brand that you know if of a certain quality standard you will be rewarded with less frequent filter changes, better protection, and potentially lower maintenance costs.

As you can see, choosing the right type and quality of oil filter is an important decision. Talk to your parts supplier about sourcing the right one for your truck.

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