Signs Your HVAC is Failing on You!

Almost all homeowners in hot countries have some kind of ducted air conditioning. They have this facility to ensure that they can stay cool in the summer months and stay warm in the winter months because you can bet that the HVAC can also be used to warm the joint! The problems arise when your HVAC starts to fail – and you need to know the signs.

Recognizing when to call companies like Hunter Pure Air is important because then you can stay at the right internal temperature without worrying about a breakdown. You need to know the signals for maintenance so that you are always making the right choices with your HVAC, and that’s what this article is for. Here are the common warning signs that you really need to get some HVAC repairs done – so that you can be sure that your family is as comfortable as possible.

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  1. Your unit is running but there’s no movement at the right temperature. If you have a HVAC system that’s constantly running but it’s not effectively heating or cooling your home, you’re going to need to get it checked out. You need to think about emergency repair, or a scheduled annual maintenance of your HVAC. If it’s not running properly between maintenance checks, then there could be issues with your thermostat that need your attention.
  2. You’re hearing rattling – and there should not be rattling! You need to make sure that your HVAC is working well and if you’re hearing a rattling or grinding then there’s a clear problem. Maintenance is a must here so that things don’t continue to go wrong! A visit could help to also prevent much bigger problems from occurring later on!
  3. You have noticed you have dirty air ducts. On the outside of the house and on the inside you will see you have air ducts for your home. If these are dirty or dusty, they could be clogged. You should hire a contractor to inspect these and give them a clean for you as these particles could cause major issues for your unit in future if it’s not cleaned out properly.
  4. You have noticed a very strong smell. This could be a build up of mold and dirt and if you are noticing a heavy smell, then you need an air conditioning company to come out and clean everything out for you. Without that cleanliness, you’re going to struggle and it could lead to health problems in the future.
  5. You have noticed a leak. The HVAC should not be leaking all over the floor inside or outside your home. There could be loose connections or faulty seals and that’s a problem. You should call in for help when you see this as a leaky unit can lead to serious damage to your house. 

A HVAC unit needs regular maintenance but it can help to understand the signs that things are going wrong. This will ensure that you are doing all that’s necessary to keep your home comfortable.

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