Gifts For The Insatiable Movie Lover In Your Life

When someone has a hobby that takes up so much of your time and energy as movie-going, then it gives you plenty of room to get them the perfect gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, a Father’s Day, Christmas, or otherwise, you can make sure that you hit the mark by getting them a gift that shows how much you know their passions. As such, here are some of the gifts that might be perfect for a rabid movie fan.

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The right gift card

Anyone who is something of a serious cinephile has heard of The Criterion Collection. Simply put, it’s like the Library of Congress but specifically for movie lovers. Pretty much every movie on the collection is one that most movie fans and critics would agree is worth watching at least once. If you want to get your loved one a movie to add to their collection but you’re not sure which would make the best pick, then you can instead give them a gift card that allows them to pick straight from the collection’s story. It’s like an invitation to membership to a book club but, of course, it’s a movie club, instead. Of course, you can always try to pick one out yourself, but that can be a bit risky.

The classic movie poster approach

The art that we love isn’t just something that’s apart from ourselves, something that exists in a bubble wholly away from us. It usually becomes a part of our identity and it might be a part that we would like to show off. Whether your loved one has a home cinema that could use a little extra decorative touch or they simply have some space that would fit it well, you can help them show their love for cinema with a poster of one of their favorite movies. Movie posters can look very classy, indeed, especially when you get them framed and have a layer of clear plastic on top of them. A few of them can even create quite a tasteful gallery.

Merch from their faves

Most movies have a fanbase out there that is totally dedicated to them. At least, most movies have had any kind of lasting impact on the cultural sphere. As such, you can usually find some merch or even sometimes entire sites dedicated to providing the merch that fans of that movie will love, like Prestige Worldwide for fans of Step Brothers. Going the extra mile to find those niche pieces of merch for your loved one’s favorite films, even if they’re not some of the most widely known out there, can be just an indication of how much you appreciate their love for movies and is going to tickle a special spot in their heart, for sure.

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A new way to watch movies

If your loved one would enjoy nothing more than having a home cinema, then what better present than to help them get closer to their dream? There are quite a few home projectors out there and they can be pretty expensive, so it’s worth doing your research to find the cut-off point between cost-effective and cheap. You might also want to consider putting the room in the budget for a project sheet that they can install as well. A white wall or bedsheet might technically work, but the quality of the image is much better when it’s projected on a material that’s designed to show it as sharply as possible.

A scrapbook for cinema lovers

It’s not just the movies themselves that are important to a cinema lover. Sometimes, the experience of going to the cinema, especially when it’s to see a movie that has a profound impact on their tastes and the way that they think, can be just as precious to them. If your movie-lover is of the sentimental kind or they have ever kept a ticket or hinted at wanting to do so after seeing a great movie, then a ticket stub diary could be precisely the thing that hits them in the heart. As the name implies, it’s a scrapbook that’s dedicated to keeping ticket stubs from the movies that they see over the years.

A special screening

Does your loved one have some favorites that they would give everything to see in the cinema once again? While you can’t guarantee that you will be able to find all of their most beloved films, there are classic cinema companies like Flashback Cinema that specialize in holding classic movie nights in theaters around the country. Of course, you should also look at the smaller and arthouse cinemas around you, as they are also likely to have screenings, from some of the most important pieces of film-making throughout the ages to cult classics that always tend to draw an enthusiastic crowd (that your loved one might just become a member of.) A classic movie night can be the perfect ending to a special day’s date, too.

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Learning from the masters

There’s a more-than-zero chance that your loved one who is so into cinema has, at one point or another, dreamed of getting behind the cameras themselves. Whether or not they’re really going to take the plunge and start trying to make movies, they might find it fascinating to learn some of the tricks of the trade from those who can truly be called masters of the craft. Nowadays, there are online courses from names as big as the director, Martin Scorcese. You can even take a look at the trailer for the courses on the site to see if it’s the kind of thing that your loved one might want to look into.

Of course, when you’re choosing anything for a movie fan, it’s important to ensure that you have a good idea of what their real favorites are. There’s a good chance they’ve told you, quoted them, or watched them in the home hundreds of times, but you want to be extra certain you’re hitting the faves.

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