Driving Again After A Long Time Off The Road

Getting your driving licence is a big deal, no matter what age you complete your test. And once you’re a fully qualified driver, a whole new world of independence is out there to grasp! However, sometimes it’s necessary to sell your car and stick to public transport, or rely on your partner who drives as well. And whether you do so for financial reasons or if you had a bad experience on the road, your driving confidence can be totally ruined. 

That can make it hard to hit the road again, and you can put off getting behind the wheel for years. After all, a lot of what goes on on the road is out of our control, but driving safely is the best way to safeguard yourself. But if this sounds like a situation you’re in, we’ve got some tips below that’ll help you to feel like a responsible and reliable driver again. 

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Make Sure You’re Legal to Drive

If you’ve not sued the car for a long time, you’ll have to make sure it’s still legal to drive before heading out again. You’ll have to check your local or state government website to get a list of the facts here, but at the very least you should have an in-date driving licence and be insured before you take to the wheel again. 

You should also ensure there’s nothing obviously broken with the car – but more on that a little later. For now check on the licence plate and make sure it’s secured rate and can be clearly seen on the road. You’ll also want to check out the current rules of regulations of driving, and ensure that nothing in the law has changed since you last turned over the engine. 

Look Over Your Car’s Condition

Once you’re sure it’s totally legal for you to hit the road again, it’s time to check over the vehicle you’re planning to use. If it’s your old car that’s been stashed away in a garage for years, for example, you’ll want to make sure it’s OK to be taken out again. It’s rare for a car kept like this to be able to immediately drive away once you start it again. 

Most of all, the battery will probably be flat and will need a replacement. But you’ll also want to check on the brake pads to see if they’re in good condition, as well as the tires. You can check Where to Buy Affordable Tires right here if you find they’re weathered and even popped in a few places. And don’t forget about engine oil either; getting a mechanic up to take a look at your car can tell you if this has degraded at all, and if it’s a danger to the system at large. 

Start with Small Trips

If you want to build up your confidence, and you’re certain the car is street legal and good to go, start by going on small trips. Head off to a local convenience store, or go down to a park in the downtown area. There and back again, essentially. Because the more you try out the car, and if you add a little extra distance each time, you’ll soon be able to hit highways and freeways like you never left them. 

Buy Some Safety Accessories

Safety accessories, such as ergonomic seat covers/cushions and seat belt protectors are great for making you feel comfortable in the car again. Be sure to invest in some before you head off on a journey, as they’ll help you to settle in. You’ll also want to go hands-free here too, which is a bigger deal than you may think. 

You may want to avoid trying to take calls in the car at all when you’re first starting out, but once you’ve got your confidence back you’ll need something to connect your phone to the car. USBs or aux cords work well here, but if you’ve got a bluetooth enabled dashboard, you won’t have to worry too much. Then make sure you’ve got a mount to slot your phone into, so you don’t have to look down to check the map while driving. 

If you want to get back on the road after a long time, don’t let any anxiety get in the way. It can be managed with tips like those above, and you’ll soon be back to your old driving self. A bit of confidence goes a long way behind the wheel! 

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