Four Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

One of the most difficult things to do during the summer months is to stay cool and calm. Depending on where you live, you may deal with a heat wave, and if that wave life is unprecedented for your area, trying to stay cool can be very difficult. Summer heat waves can make you feel weak and dehydrated, as well as uncomfortable. 

They also kind of kill the vibe of having a fun summer because who wants to have fun while sweating? Other than calling in the experts on heating and air repair near me, to ensure that your air conditioning is fixed and ready to take on the summer sunshine, there are other things that you can do to stay cool in summer. Let’s take a look below.

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  • Lots and lots of fans. If you are fortunate enough to afford them, invest in some fans around your home. Portable fans are also crucial if you’re planning to go out because you keep one in your bag. There are the basic ones that have a few batteries to power them, but you can even get portable fans that spray mist of water in your face and these are fantastic to help the people. The wind on your face when it’s wet will feel excellent. You can even get portable fans in all the rooms – but just be aware that you may be pushing warm air around.
  • Invest in air conditioning. If you don’t have ducted air, then it might be worth investing in upgrading your house to include it. Having a cool home to go back to after being outside feels fantastic, and most air conditioning units can be controlled with an app on your phone. This then allows you to get the air conditioning running a good half an hour before you come home from work if the house is cool when you get inside. If you’re renting or you don’t have the ability to pay for a full ducted system, you can buy units in the window for as little as $100. It’s well worth it if you don’t have any air conditioning at all, because once that summer sunshine really does this and you’ll be thanking yourself for it.
  • Hydrate as much as possible. Keeping a steady stream of cold water going into your body through the day is important. In the heat, your body needs more water because you’re going to sweat more. You have to be replenishing that hydration and electrolytes. Keep a bottle of water with you and fill it up as much as you need to. Make sure that you’re drinking more than you would normally, but don’t chug it. It is possible to drink too much water and overload your kidneys. Listen to your body when you’re thirsty and drink some water.
  • Stay in the shade when you can. Lastly, if you’re outside try to navigate your way down the streets or in the parks or at the beach in the shade. There’s no need to be exposed to full sunshine if you don’t have to be.

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