Clutter-Free Home Hacks

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There is nothing wrong with liking stuff and there is nothing wrong with filling your home with lots of stuff you love, but there comes a point when the stuff you love becomes little more than clutter, and it actually detracts from your family’s quality of life.

If you are tired of never being able to relax because the place always looks messy, or never having enough room to practice your hobbies or play with the kids, for example, the good news is, there are lots of simple things you can do to maintaining a home that is pleasantly clutter-free, including the following hacks:

Have a one in one out rule

If you see a trinket that you want to buy, only do so in the knowledge that you will need to get rid of something from your home that you no longer love in its place. By doing this, you can start to really think about what enhances your life and your home, and what does not, as well as ensure that you never build up a pile of possessions that is bigger than you really need.

Have a place for everything

If you designate a place for everything and keep everything in its place, then your home will naturally be tidier, and you will be less inclined to bring more clutter into your home because you will know that there is no designated space available for it. This means that you naturally start to regulate your consumption of goods more than you did before.

Invest in a storage container

If you have a lot of stuff that you cannot bear to part with, then investing in a portable storage container is a good way of ensuring you can hold on to all of those things you want to keep without necessarily having to clutter your home up with them all of the time. You can simply store them in the yard and get them out whenever you want to use them or reminisce over old times, or whatever.

Rent or borrow things

These days, you can rent, or borrow for free, everything from books to power tools. If you’re serious about keeping your home clutter-free, then renting or borrowing anything that you do not need to use on a regular basis is a good way to cut down on all the junk in the garage or all of those appliances that are left gathering dust under the sink. You’ll save space, you’ll save money and you will have a much easier time of keeping clutter to a minimum – what’s not to love?

Set up a donation box

Leaving a box that you have designated for donation in your hallways is a good way to encourage all of your family members to give up the clutter that they no longer really want. Whenever they see the donations box, they will be reminded of the good cause that their unwanted stuff could be helping, and they will be more inclined to pop something in when they pass by each time.

Monitor how often you use things

Monitoring how often things are used – an example of this would be placing all of your hangers in the closet in one direction, and then hanging things you have actually worn back up in the other direction – is a good way to gauge how important the things in your home actually are to you, so that you can weed out anything you do not love or you do not use, and make it a bit easier for yourself to get rid of it and keep the clutter at bay.

Commit to keeping the place tidy

If you commit to keeping your home tidy, with the help of your family, then you will never allow clutter to accumulate in places where it should not, such as on the bedroom floor or the kitchen countertops. Set up a rota of who needs to do what and when and stick to it as rigidly as you can if you want your space to look and feel immaculate, relaxing, and clutter-free.

Keeping your home clutter-free is a process that you will need to be committed to for as long as you want your home to be clean and clear from clutter, but as you can see, the hacks and habits you need to put in place to make this possible, are not all that tricky, which means it is perfectly possible to cultivate a low clutter home now and forever.

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