Charge your devices with less clutter!

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.   The words expressed here are my own.

IMAG0184In this digital age, we all have our devices, some more than others.  The hard part is finding the space to charge them where they are considered safe.  Mobile Visions has the answer.  A line of bamboo organizers that will accommodate all the devices in your home.  I was lucky enough to review the ‘standard’ model, but they do come in bigger and smaller sizes.  I found there was the perfect amount of room for my Samsung Galaxy Tab, my Kindle Paperwhite, my husband’s Kindle Fire, and my cellphone.  With enough room left over for me to tuck my glasses for safe keeping.


bambo-3-cutoutsI do recommend you purchase a USB charging strip to tuck into the organizer’s base just to make it more streamlined.  I know I have cats that love to chew on dangling wires.  The lid of the organizer lifts off and reveals cubbies for you to tuck in your wires, and openings on the side, back and front shelf to feed the cords through.  It is secured with small magnets, so the lid won’t wobble or fall off unexpectedly.

There is plenty of room in this version, but there are other options available, as well as an Executive line that is very elegant.  The natural bamboo color definitely will go with any decor, and you can have it in any room.  I choose to keep mine in the bedroom, so I can remember to charge all my devices every night.


I think my favorite part of this company, is it is a small woman owned business that prides itself on quality products!  A simple and elegant solution to a problem that many of us are plagued with, too many cords and not enough outlets.

If you are looking for a gift for a tech junkie, or just someone who needs a little more organization, consider the Bamboo Stands from Mobile Vision.

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