Self-Sufficiency: The Antidote To High Inflation

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With food and energy prices surging, standards of living are falling. Individuals are having to dip into their savings just to get by. Regular paychecks simply won’t cut it. 

For 99 percent of the population, the solution will be to plod along as normal. However, for that special 1 percent, more radical measures will be implemented. 

One of those is becoming more self-sufficient at home. Instead of relying on society to provide you with all the household services you need, you simply create them yourself. 

Think about it. Imagine if you could suddenly eliminate your electricity bill or cut back on the cost of food. How much of a difference would that make to your life? A huge amount, most probably. 

So what can you do to be more self-sufficient at home?

Build Your Own Water System

The great thing about building your own water system is that it is easy to do and you can do it in stages. For example, you can start by collecting rainwater from your roof in tanks, using your existing guttering system. You can then install a septic tank and use drain field services. Before you know it, you have the whole household water cycle under control. 

Building your own water system lets you save on water rates. You can repurpose your plumbing to use rainwater for washing purposes. And, if you have the right filters in place, you can use it for drinking as well. 

Install Solar Panels

People who installed solar panels in the last ten years are now laughing all the way to the bank. What seemed like a high-cost solution in 2015 is now proving to be a solid investment in 2022. 

Solar panels can generate energy for everything you need to do in your home. This includes pumping water to the tank in your attic, powering all your appliances, and even charging your car. 

Plant A Vegetable Patch

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If you have a little bit of land surrounding your home, you can cut the cost of your food bill dramatically by planting a vegetable patch. Grow high-value items at home, such as greens, fruits, and vegetables that cost a fortune at the store. If you have space, you might also want to plant your own grain crops, though these tend to be so cheap it doesn’t really make much of a difference in your overall household budget. 

If you can get an orchard going, you can actually grow enough fruit to sell to neighbors during harvest season. Just make sure that you protect your trees from pests, as these can seriously damage fruits. 

Build Storage Areas

Becoming self-sufficient requires storing everything you need on-site. Therefore, it’s a good idea to build storage areas around your home. 

Your best bet is to build a steel-framed shed with a concrete base. These are great for storing all your food while keeping pests, including bears, at bay. 

So, with rising prices, do you want to become more self-sufficient? Or do you think the current economic storm will pass by the end of the year?

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