Practical Techniques For Lowering Your Electric Bill

Monthly utility bills are undoubtedly the second-largest expense for many American homeowners after their mortgage payments. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Americans paid an average of $117.46 per month on their residential electric bill. Many factors, such as your home’s size and location, will influence how much you pay for electricity. However, there are many smart ways to lower your monthly electric bill and enjoy significant annual savings. Below are some effective tips for lowering your electric bill.

  1. Use a programmable thermostat

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An estimated 25 million American households currently use programmable thermostats, and many experts agree that you should join this bandwagon to reduce your utility bills. Heating and cooling are significant expenses that can cost more than the national average based on temperature and personal preferences. You can lower the energy you use and reduce your utility bills by simply not turning down the thermostat or turning down the heat. However, consider installing a programmable thermostat if this isn’t enough. This device allows you to configure temperature based on the time of day, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. This allows your thermostat to make automatic changes which help your home become more energy-efficient while allowing you to evade some of the heating and cooling traditional costs. For instance, programming your thermostat to appropriately adjust the temperature when the house is empty saves a lot of cash. In addition, it is also more convenient since you can rely on your thermostat to set the right temperature before you wake up or arrive home.

  1. Use more propane

Propane is a well-known alternative energy source that is highly renowned for its numerous advantages. For starters, it’s a superior and clean energy source that isn’t toxic to the environment. In addition, propane appliances are more energy-efficient than their oil or electric counterparts. Furthermore, appliances that use propane last longer, helping you save money and energy over time. About 50 million American homes use propane, thanks to companies like Annapolis Propane that guarantee a steady supply. You can reportedly reduce your electricity bill by 20%-25% if you utilize propane throughout your house. Therefore, feel free to start using it for home and water heating, stove cooking, and washing your laundry.

  1. Use appliances strategically

Every home undoubtedly has multiple appliances to make domestic life a breeze. However, using these appliances the wrong way can cause more harm than good regarding utility bills. Therefore, use your appliances strategically to ensure they don’t consume more electricity than necessary. Fortunately, this can be done in diverse ways, as everything from the washing machine to the dishwasher can be used in specific ways that make them consume less energy. For example, you can dry your laundry loads consecutively instead of waiting between them. This consecutive drying uses less energy because the unit remains warmer for a longer period. Similarly, ensure that your dishwasher is fully loaded when doing dishes instead of partially filling it.

  1. Switch to a prepaid electric bill plan

A prepaid electricity plan offers more control over your electricity bills, but it is an often-overlooked alternative. This arrangement will enable you to switch from a long-term contract to a unique plan that allows you to pay for only the electricity you consume. A prepaid electricity plan is especially helpful if you try to reduce your electricity consumption or remain within a tight budget since the service is only offered up to the payment points. One of the biggest advantages of prepaid electricity is that there are no surprises; you will receive daily email updates or text messages informing you about how much you have spent and when you should recharge. Also, there are no credit checks involved when switching to prepaid power. Therefore, you should consider prepaid electricity a viable option if you live in Texas, Maryland, and other states with flexible deregulation laws.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

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It may surprise you to learn that poor clothing choices while at home can cause you to spend more than necessary on electricity. Therefore, dressing up or down based on the general temperature is one of the most practical ways to remain comfortable in your house throughout the year without wasting significant cash. Consequently, wear thick clothes during the cold winters and opt for short sleeves and shorts during the warm summers and spring. This way, you can remain comfortable with the temperature without relying on any power-guzzling appliances to regulate it, preventing your electricity bill from increasing.

  1. Wash clothes in cold water

Doing the laundry is essential in domestic life since you and your family’s clothes must be kept clean. However, very few people think about how expensive doing the laundry can be, especially if you have children. Besides the costs of laundry supplies and water, you also have to pay for the electricity used by your washing machine. Consequently, one of the best things you can do to save is to wash your clothes in cold water. Contrary to popular opinion, cold water works just fine for washing laundry unless your clothes are unusually greasy or dirty. Additionally, it is better for the environment than hot water, and the estimates that households that switch to it eliminate about 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Therefore, washing your laundry with cold water helps you do your part for the environment besides reducing your electricity bill.

  1. Extra insulate your property

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Winter and cold are joined at the hip, and everyone is well aware of how unforgiving the weather can be during this season. However, it is a major cause for concern if your home’s interior temperature is almost as chilly as the outdoors. An overly cold and uncomfortable home during winter could be due to poor insulation. This insulation enables your house to remain cool during summer and warm during winter, so you can expect your electricity bill to rise if it is working poorly. As such, it is vital to check and upgrade your home’s insulation to lower the need for heating and reduce your electricity bill.

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