4 Things You Can Do to Bring Warmth into the Home This Winter

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Depending on where you live, winter can be cold. This means you need to do everything you can to bring and create some literal and figurative warmth in the home. A home that’s filled with warmth is easy to know and makes you proud of the home

The moment you step your foot in, you know that the home is warm and welcoming. If you want to recreate this feeling of warmth –every home should be warm really- in your home, the tips in this post will help you do just that. 

Start With the Entryway

Most warm homes have an entryway that’s quite inviting. The entryway is usually free of clutter, has adequate lighting, a coat rack or shoe stand, and even a seat where visitors can take a load off their feet while removing their shoes –if you have that kind of household.  

Supplement the overhead lighting here with light from another source like a lampstand. And maybe add a welcome wall art, and some flowers. These will instantly communicate to the visitors that they are welcome into your home, and will make them relax almost instantly. 

And since it’s winter, put a heater in the entryway so that visitors can immediately start feeling warm as they come inside from the cold. 

Display Your Family Pictures

Most homes have these pictures, but some keep them tucked away in bedrooms and private spaces. The reality is the pictures on your wall at home or a desk in the living room add character to the house. 

This is part of what transforms a house into a home. You can also put up individual and group family pictures on the walls of the stairwell and the hallway. Also, most people obsess too much over perfect pictures. Don’t do that. 

Put up your imperfect and irreverent pictures too. These are bound to bring back warm memories and even intrigue visitors who would be curious about them. Most importantly, these pictures tell visitors that the family is a fun and lovable one.  

Make Great Meals

Warm food always completes a warm “hearth”. Remember to make awesome and amazing meals for your family members. Most parents are so caught up in work that even the toddler knows how to order a pizza. 

We’re not judging because we understand that you have to provide. But still, you have to try to make tasty meals. And remember to add some fun to the process by adding nutcracker napkin rings when you’re setting the table. 

Make the House Comfortable

This means better lighting, opening up the drapes, putting soft rugs on the floor, and using aromatherapy diffusers to help the home smell really nice and relaxing. There are many oil diffusers that you can choose from in the market. 

Just make sure that the aroma is actually pleasing to everyone in the house. Also, have movie nights, game nights, or build a fire outdoors and hang out with the family there. Remember to bring some marshmallows and s’mores that everyone can roast and just have a great time.

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