Tide Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent



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Tide has always been my detergent, it is the only product that I use to wash my clothes, the new Tide Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent was voted 2020 Product of the Year.    I have to tell you how great Tide Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent is, about a week ago I was wearing a new white blouse and I was drinking some red wine, well I got some of the wine on my new blouse. I went directly to my wash room and I put the new Tide on the stain and I washed it, can you believe Tide Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent got every bit of that stain out, whew that was a close call. You know how red wine can stain everything, not anymore Thanks to Tide!




New Tide Heavy Duty liquid laundry detergent is specially designed to remove impossible stains like grease, oil, wine, blood, and smoke. It’s the #1 stain remover* for working professionals with heavy duty laundry problems like caked-on dirt, tough odors, and set-in stains on work clothes. This detergent for mechanics and other pros has an improved formula with chelating agents to soften water and purify the wash, enhance cleaning action, and facilitate stain removal in both HE and regular washing machines. Tide Heavy Duty is the hardest-working detergent in your laundry tool box.




  • Formulated to fight set-in stains, caked-on dirt, and foul odors
  • Designed for impossible stains like grease, oil, red wine, blood, and smoke
  • Designed to work in both HE and regular washing machines
  • Delivers 10X the cleaning power*
  • Heavy duty detergent for heavy duty stains and odors

*Stain removal of 1 dose vs. 10X doses of the leading liquid bargain brand


Tide Heavy Duty liquid laundry detergent is designed for impossible stains, like grease, oil, wine, blood and smoke

Measure with cap.

  • For medium loads, fill to bar 3.
  • For large loads, fill to bar 4.
  • For HE full loads, fill to bar 5.
  • Always follow usage instructions indicated on the package.

Add clothes, pour into dispenser, start washer.

Usage Instructions:
Follow care label instructions, then sort.
Test inside seam for colorfastness.


To dose Tide Heavy Duty liquid detergent, add half cap for medium loads, 3 quarters for large loads, and full cap for HE full loads

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