A Smart Kitchen Sponge by Skura Style


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Kitchen sponges, make it fashion! Every Skura sponge features a bold monogram that fades with use to let you know exactly when it’s time to replace it. I have been using these sponges for several days and I love they way they clean my dishes, countertop and other surfaces, they are easy to use and they dry really fast unlike other sponges. I love these sponges.

Skura Style Sponges are made of a patented polyurethane foam and are antimicrobial – so they dry fast, stay clean, and never smell, did you know that leading microbiologists recommend that you should replace your sponge every 1-2 weeks.
Ingenious patented polyurethane foam dries quickly, keeps its shape and has significantly less bacteria than a cellulose sponge, No wonder why Bon Appetit Test Kitchen called them “The Magic, Odorless Wonder”
Clean Technology

Are you sick of ick?

So were Skura Style. Research shows that the average kitchen sponge can be 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. And that’s why they created Skura Style Sponges.

1-Monogram fades to let you know when to replace your sponge

2-Antimicrobial agent keeps it odor resistant

3-Polyurethane foam so it’s quick drying and keeps it’s shape





Get a Subscription

Choose four sponges every month or every other month – and get the Smartest Sponges Ever delivered right to your door,   https://www.skurastyle.com/checkout

4 Sponges Monthly is $12.00 or Every other month, One Time Shipment ,12 Sponges $36.00 or One Time Shipment of 16 Sponges $48.00



Give Skura Style Sponges

Give a subscription, a stock-up box or both .

People are talking about your average kitchen sponge—and it’s dirty. Studies have been revealing the true grime behind your sponge. Think differently, and cleaner, with Skura. Innovative technology sets Skura apart from the rest so that you can clean easy and sleep easy. Read about the brilliance behind Skura, the latest science behind your kitchen germs, and some unexpected cleaning ingredient in this link, https://www.skurastyle.com/clean-101/dissecting-the-modern-sponge


Rethink the way you make your world sparkle.  Visit Skura Style and start using the smart sponge that tells you when it needs to be replaced! Genius


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