Review & Giveaway for Adventure Force Arsenal and Air Warriors Agitator by Buzz Bee Toys


Disclaimer; I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way


Christmas is just a few months away and I have the perfect gift for any kid that loves outdoor or indoor activities, Buzz Bee Toys carries Dart and Water Blasters to water toys, flying toys, junior sports and pogos, they are passionate about their portfolio og brands and delighted to offer them to people all over the world. Air Warriors, Water Warriors and Ruff Stuff are high quality, innovative products offered at a reasonable prices. These brands deliver great performance and hours of play to kids of all ages. They are exciting and distinct in their own way and they focus on particular play patterns. Let me tell you some facts about the two products I received the Adventure Force Arsenal and Air Warriors Agitator

Adventure Force Arsenal- Retails $19.97  Walmart

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Adventure Force Arsenal is the perfect set to complete all your tactical missions. The clip fed long distance rifle blaster delivers dart blasting action up to 100 feet. Use the scope to zero in on your target. The revolver style blaster is a handheld clip fed dart blaster that shoots darts 100 feet also. This set comes with one 8 count dart clip and a Flip clip: when one clip runs out, flip it around for another 8 count dart clip. Item comes with 2 dart blasters darts, scope, 8 count dart clip, flip clip and 25 long distance darts that are compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters and most standard NERF blasters. All are gentle enough for kids aged 8 and up.

• Dart Blaster Arsenal Set
• One bolt action, clip fed long distance rifle style dart blaster with detachable scope
• One revolver style clip fed dart blaster
• Comes with a flip clip: two 8 count dart clips
• When one clip runs out, flip it around for the other 8 count dart clip
• Both dart blasters shoot darts up to 100 feet
• Includes 2 blasters, scope, 25 long distance darts, 8 count dart clip and flip clip
• Darts are compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters and most standard NERF blaster
• For kids aged 8 and up
• Great for both indoor and outdoor play action


Air Warriors Agitator Retails $19.99 Target

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  • Flip clip fed blaster
  • Flip clip: Two 10ct dart clips. When one runs out , flip it around for another 10ct dart clip
  • Pump action, rapid fire dart blasting
  • 3 feet in length
    • Comes with a detachable barrel that can work as a scope or barrel
    • Blasts dart 100 feet
    • Includes dart blaster, 20 long distance darts, flip clip and detachable barrel/scope


    Dimensions (Overall): 8 inches (H) x 34.5 inches (W)

    Suggested Age: 6 Years and Up

    Material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

    Features: Pump handle

    Firing Range Distance: 90 feet
    These very special toys will be for my Grandsons Christmas, I know they will be so excited to get these, Visit Buzz Bee Toys and check out all there other unique toys, you will not be disappointed, I promise.
    Giveaway Details- Buzz Bee Toys is giving one Winner both of these Adventure Force Arsenal and Air Warriors Agitator Retailed at $40.00 Good Luck and let the games begin!

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