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Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way.


The Holidays are coming and I know if you are like me, you would love to have some new furniture but We can’t always afford it, well I have the perfect solution and the perfect company that will take care of your wishes. The Slipcover Company is a company that designs and manufactures an exclusive set of covers for home and outdoor use.  Established with the idea to offer to consumers new options to redesign their home interior or even protect their furniture, The Slipcover Company has over the years expanded its range of products to cover a large number of needs. Today The Slipcover Company offers products ranging from the original slipcovers to the modern day dining chair covers. The company also offers throws, double-sided slipovers,  pillows, day bed covers, pet covers, headboard covers, car covers and the latest innovations.  Let me show you my before and after phots of my Loveseat Slipcover that I ordered, I am so happy with the way it made my old loveseat look new again. You will see for yourself how wonderful my loveseat looks now, I am ready for the Holidays!

IMG_8730 IMG_8731

The philosophy of the slipcover company has always been to create the most innovative and high quality products at affordable and competitive pricing. We want to offer our consumers many options and designs of delightful covers in order to change their habitat however they desire. We believe the customer should have the freedom to add color and design to their home without having to change their furniture every time. Covers also offer an important amount of protection from every day wear and tear. Covers are also a great option to protect your car when traveling with pets or from the inadvertent spilling of liquids in the backseat.  The Slipcover Company has a large selection of  Slipcovers, Slipovers, Dining Chair Covers, Pillow , Daybed Covers, Pet Covers, Car Covers and Specials, Let me show you some of their other products.

slide-image-1 slide-image-2

Twill 2-Piece Sofa  $89.99                               Mini Ruffle 3 Tier $24.99







Classic Striped One Piece Chair Slipcover $39.99

Regency Stripe Pillow        $9.99


- How do I fit my slipcover on my sofa?

It is very easy to fit your slipcover. Simply watch the step-by-step video guide and you should be all set.


- How many different sizes are there?

Slipcovers come in three sizes. Sofa (three seater), love seat (two seater), and chair (one seater). Slipcovers also come for dining room chairs and other various items. Our sofas are from 84″ to 96″ from outside arm to outside arm, love seat from 60″ to 72″ and chairs from 30″ to 42″.

- Can slipcovers be washed?

Absolutely, almost all slipcovers can be washed. See label.

- What are the variations in slipcovers?

The variations are style, materials or fabric and color.

- What is the difference between a slipcover and a slipover?

A slipcover is more formatted to the shape of the furniture item. Slipover is more of a looser fit and a throw is a single large cover which you shape to your furniture item.


If you want a wonderful Slipcover for your furniture or chairs , Let  The Slipcover Company    get your home ready for the Holidays or if you just want to update , this is the company for you.



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