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Disclaimer; I received these products from Uptown Spirits for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way.


As Labor Day comes around the corner, there’s still time to enjoy your time in the sun. I have found a wonderful website, Uptown Spirits  they have many products to choose from like wines, Brandy, Cognac, Gin, Moonshine just to name a few. I received the The Countess Walewska Potato Vodka and  Hello Kitty Pinot Noir Wine.



Hello Kitty Pinot Noir Wine is from Lombardy, Italy- Extrememly light and delicious, the nose is fresh and young, bursting with red berry aromas. In the mouth it is juicy with flavors of ripe strawberries, prunes and chocolate. It is fantastic on its own or with pastas and heavier fare.  This wine is my favorite wine of all time, it has the best taste in wines that I have had . It Retails for $22.95 . You can order this wine at  https://uptownspirits.com/product/wine/varietals/champagne/hello-kitty-pinot-noir-wine-750ml/


The Countess Walewska Potato Vodka is one of history’s great symbols of purity and loyalty. Known for her beauty and intellect, she was a fervent Polish patriot and influential during her era as she had the ear of Napoleon. The invincible Emperor’s most hard-won battle of seduction finally became his mistress, loyal to him through his decline and final exile. This Vodka is also my favorite Vodka of any I have tried, Perfect taste, It Retails for $ 41.95, https://uptownspirits.com/product/liquor/gin/the-countess-walewska-potato-vodka/?fbclid=IwAR19ioB-b6XAs6rmGf-_chJ9IpS2NQ2lZx3efJ8Rh4KVr2G5qpHPVfRDSGM

The Countess graces our vodka, which represents loyalty to the traditions of the finest potato vodkas from Poland, and its purity comes from spring water sourced from our estate in Napa. The combination of these two elements creates a purely intriguing vodka to savor on its own or create influential cocktails.

Poland was the birthplace of potato vodka and the homeland of the Countess. Though most vodka throughout today’s world starts in grain fields, the traditional potato vodka associated with Poland was first produced around the turn of the 19th century, the very time that Napoleon initially encountered the Countess as he triumphantly rode into the Warsaw suburb of Blonie in 1806.

9 pounds of potatoes in each bottle. Inspired by the Countess’s Poland, nurtured in the soil of Idaho, coaxed from its mash in a large, four-column still, perfected in the custom copper pot stills of California, filtered through charcoal to marry and smooth the experience, and proofed with Napa Valley spring water.

Neutrality is at the core of any vodka, but all fine vodka has its own personality. Maria Walewska was far from neutral, a strong and biased patriot. Uptown Spirits vodka has a lot of character.

The Countess Walewska Potato Vodka Tasting Notes


Slightly sweet cocoa on the nose with a hint of brine and pepper. Clean and neutral but retains its own personality.


Starts with a subtle but sweet honey note with a noticeable creaminess, a signature of fine potato vodka. The sweetness is accentuated by a faint ocean air brine and black pepper, finishing with a smooth touch of oil and honey viscosity that lingers but does not overstay its welcome.

There are so many wonderful Products that you can enjoy from Uptown Spirits, here are a few below,

Rare Spirits, https://uptownspirits.com/product/liquor/gin/the-countess-walewska-potato-vodka/?fbclid=IwAR19ioB-b6XAs6rmGf-_chJ9IpS2NQ2lZx3efJ8Rh4KVr2G5qpHPVfRDSGM



Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon-750ml -$159.95


Amaro & Bitters-  https://uptownspirits.com/shop/liquor/


Empress 1908 Gin-750ml  Retails  $28.95




Corazon Single Barrel Blanton’s Anejo Tequila Barrel Pick- Retails,$34.95


Brandy- https://uptownspirits.com/shop/liquor/brandy/


E & J Brandy Peach-750 ml  Retails $10.95


Wines- https://uptownspirits.com/shop/wine/


Primaterra Pinot Grigio 2016/2017- 750 ml  Retails $8.95


These are just a few of Uptown Spirits Products, also everytime you order from them, you aquire points for future purchases, How cool is that !  Visit Uptown Spirits and try some of the Best products online, I highly recommend this awesome site so go there now and start enjoying the best Spirits.




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