How do I design my backyard?


So you’ve just moved into a new home, and/or are considering how to (re)decorate your home.  Let’s start with your backyard!


Where to Start

How does one start decorating their backyard space?  You start by noticing what is already there (e.g. structures, plants, swimming pool, etc.) and check out the size. You might have to research the best ways to make use of its size appropriately, whether to magnify the eye or to properly arrange the architecture of a good-size space. You think about how you want to present yourself to family, friends, and other guests.  You meditate on how to set the perfect mood for your outdoor parties, family get-togethers, and daily routine.  There are limitless possibilities when you start considering how to design your yard, but what about customizing your furniture?


Reflect YOU

How can your yard represent your unique personality?  Do you imagine a swimming pool, sturdy ramada, lush garden, classy fireplace, or an outside kitchen and dining table back there?  Find your dream backyard at relevant shows in your area, in Home & Garden magazines, and on websites like Pinterest or Good Housekeeping. The possibilities are endless, and choosing your corresponding furniture should never be limited.  Choose comfort. Choose trust. Choose permanence. Choose YOU.


Choose Affordable

Indoor home decor is a tough enough process.  Be aware that even outdoor renovations can be expensive; think $500,000.  Select an affordable, well-made, and long-lasting materials! Dream of the variety of themes: rustic farm, calming oasis, extravagant luxury, hideaway haven, and vintage antique.  Fortunately, you can choose convertible outdoor furniture cushions that always look like new. Opt for agave blues and seaside colors or colorful pillows against a neutral gray background.

With  Fig Leaf Cushion Covers, you can express your unique self, and who YOU are with a variety of solid colors, floral patterns, animal prints, abstract statements, plaid types, marble characters, diamond faces, striped designs, and other varieties.  All of their cushion covers adapt to diverse climates and a wide variety of weather. These slipcovers are functional, environmentally-friendly, easy-to-clean, durable, affordable (let’s just say they all start at $9.99!), interchangeable, and trendy!


Trendy AND Affordable

A HouseBeautiful magazine article lists the top 19 trends that were yet to be popular in 2019.  For example, Number 6 said that rattan chairs and furniture are coming indoors so other outside furniture must be following its lead.  Number 10 makes us ask: what are you sitting on when you’re eating your al fresca meals on the patio? Do your trendy and durable cushions reflect contemporary or antique, playful or tranquil, romantic or solid?  As Ethan Allen’s tagline says, Every detail matters, especially when creating the perfect mood for your space.

Choose a company that offers interchangeable cushion covers that allows you to switch between every mood and each element that makes up YOU.


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