Urad Total Leather Cleaner & World’s Best Pot Scrubbers Reviews


Disclaimer; I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


These products have helped me so much with my  boots, bags and everything I have that is leather, let me tell you a little about Urad, In 1966, Urad was developed by the Daru family  Urad is Daru spelled backwards) for the ‘Italian Leather Industry’, Like many great products, Urad’s popularity grew and investment in leather goods – shoes, jackets, furniture, sporting goods – even expensive leather seats in your automobile, you will want to protect your investment with Urad, it is Easy. I received the 1 X Neutral and 1 X Black Urad Leather Cream.


How Urad Works, Urad contains natural Carnauba Wax and Lanolin Oil. Its proprietary blend of ingredients creates a sensational shine every time … and in seconds! Urad penetrates and cleans deep into the leather’s pores, even removing harsh salt stains during winter months.


1- Remove inner seal and sponge from jar.
2-Carefully dab sponge into Urad and scrape off all visible product using specially fabricated lip on jar. The less you use, the better the results!

3-Apply Urad  with quick, even strokes. In the case of shoes – apply front to back. Do not go around in circles, this can cause a streaking effect.

4-When finished, rinse sponge in warm water, squeeze dry, and replace inner seal in jar.

NOTE-The sponge should never be left directly sitting in the Urad, Place sponge on top of inner seal when sponge is dry.  Made in Italy

Urad~ common uses,
Handbags Belts
Jackets Apparel
Furniture Automotive Upholstery
Sports Equipment Hockey Skates
Baseball Gloves/Cleats Soccer Shoes
Shoes Boots

Golf Shoes and Bags
Riding Saddles & Tack
Motorcycle Jackets
Motorcycle Chaps
Motorcycle Saddles/Saddle Bags

And much, much more

Urad is available in neutral, black, dark brown, light brown and white
Visit Select Marketing Website to purchase   their Urad Leather Creams, https://selectmarketing.com/us/product/urad-leather-cream-7oz/
These scrubber’s will clean everything, I have used them for washing dishes, cleaning my floors, in my bathrooms, just about everywhere that I need a scrubby. They are wonderful and they really do work. They come in  Flat or Foam, I love them both.  They come in several colors, I received  1 Flat and 1 Foam-filled World’s Best Pot Scrubbers – imported from Poland
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Safe for Non-stick
  • Great for Glass/Ceramic Stove tops
  • Made of 100% Cotton (terry towel material) baked with unique, tree sap coatingRe-used over and over again – can last for up to a year or more!


Visit Select Marketing and look at all their other wonderful products, you will not be disappointed, https://selectmarketing.com/us/





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