Continental Bedding 100% Premium White Goose Down Luxury Pillow Review


Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


I must say how excited I am that I received this luxury pillow, I have tried many pillows and I just could not find that right pillow but I have now, my new Continental Bedding 100% Premium White Goose Down Luxury Pillow is the most comfortable pillow I have slept on, it is so soft and it keeps my head and my neck supported all night. My husband is jealous that I got one and he didn’t but I have been sharing with him, this pillow is that comfortable . I recieved the Queen size-Firm, it also comes in Soft, 23.5 x 15.1 x 7.7 inches  It Retails for Price: $104.99 on Amazon,



  • Premium 100% White Goose Down Pillow. [Firm] Queen Size
  • Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton. 400 Thread Count.
  • Filled with 26 oz. White Goose Down, 550 Fill Power,
  • MADE IN THE USA: proudly made right here in the United States & RDS Certified.

Here are the other sizes you can get this luxury pillows in and you can choose Firm or Soft,

- Standard- Price: $98.99                   -Standed ( Set of 2)-Price: $169.99

-Standard (Soft)-Price: $84.99          -Standard (Soft) Set of 2: Price: $159.99

-Queen    Price: $104.99                        -Queen (Set of 2): Price: $179.99

-Queen ( Soft) :  Price: $89.99           -Queen (Set of 2 ) ; Soft:  Price: $169.99

-King; Price: $109.99                         -King (Set of 2 ) ;  Price: $189.99

-King ( Soft )   Price: $94.99             -King ( Set of 2 );   Price: $167.99

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Pamper yourself with these soft goose down pillows. Made with 550-fill power goose down and a 100-percent cotton cover, these high-quality pillows help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. These standard-size pillow allow a wide variety of choices for decorative cases. These luxurious goose down pillows are ideal for side or stomach sleepers, thanks to their large size and soft support they offer to users. This goose down pillow is hypoallergenic, making them ideal for someone who has allergies.

Continential Bedding has many other products to choose from, Visit their site and check their wonderful Down & Feather Pillows, Comforters & Throws, Protective Covers and Decorateive Pillows , Bulk Down and Feathers.










Continental Bedding designs and manufactures luxurious down and feather products for the tastefully appointed bedroom. Inspired by four generations in the natural down supply business, the Continental family of bedding invites decades of sleep experience into your sanctuary.

They know their stuff inside and out, and like to think picking a pillow is a little like choosing a mate. So they encourage you to take your time and study the options to discover your perfect match.

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