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Reynolds Wrap has been around a long time and I have always trusted it, the only problem with the roll was trying to get the wrap started but with this new Quick Cut Slider, it cuts the wrap off just where you need and it stays locked in place for the next time , Simple. Sixty-four percent of people use plastic wrap at least once a week, but more than half are frustrated with the experience. Reynolds Consumer Products is eliminating plastic wrap headaches for good with new Reynolds KITCHENS Quick Cut Plastic Wrap. With a series of innovative features including a hassle-free built-in slide cutter, three out of four people say they prefer Reynolds over the competition thanks to a clean cut, every time.  This New Reynolds Quick Cut Plastic Wrap was Voted  , 2019 “Product of the Year”


IMG_8467 IMG_8468

Product Facts;

Q- Is plastic wrap microwave safe?

A- Yes! Reynolds KITCHENS™ Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap works well to cover items you want to reheat in a …microwave or can be used to steam veggies or bake a potato.

Q- Is Reynolds KITCHENS™ Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap BPA free?

A-  Yes, Reynolds KITCHENS™ Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap is BPA free.


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You Can Purchase the New Reynolds Kitchens Quick Cut Plastic Wrap Online at Amazon, Boxed, Target and Walmart Also find it in your Local Retailers and Stores.

I highly recommend the New Reynolds Quick Cut Plastic Wrap, it makes everything easier in the kitchen.



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