3 signs of a leaky faucet


Are you a homeowner? Are you concerned about a leak in your bathroom faucet? Maybe you do not know that a small leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water in a short amount of time. Sometimes you may assume a small leak only to end up replacing the faucet. For these reasons, it is crucial that you keep your faucet in good working condition. While most faucets can last for a decade, here are three signs of a leaky faucet.


  1. Dripping. If you notice that your faucet is dripping water, this a clear indication that you have troubles with your plumbing. Often, dripping water will suggest that you either have high water pressure or damaged valves. Regardless of the problem, you need to contact a professional plumber. Similarly, if you realize that there is water damage at the bottom of the faucet or underneath the sink, you need to repair your faucet.


  1. Sounds. Taps can produce different sounds depending on the damage. In case you notice any noise, it is a sign that you need to do a bit of repair or you have a more severe problem. If there is a screeching sound, it is probably as a result of a worn rubber washer that has hardened over time. If there are other sounds such as clicking, you have a severe issue, mainly if it originates from the faucet and not the pipes. You will have to call a plumber to take the faucet apart and inspect the problem.


  1. Irregular Discharge. If you notice water spewing out of the faucet, it is usually odd angles, and this is a sign of a damaged faucet. The damage is often accompanied by a loud sputtering sound. This irregular discharge causes disruption when hand washing and can increase your water bill. You may also notice rust and mineral deposits on your faucet. These deposits are a sign of a leaking faucet, and you may require to replace the appliance. Mineral deposits can lead to additional problems depending on the type of water in your house. However, you can take care of rust using vinegar and lemon juice.


Some faucet leaks are easy to spot. When a leak occurs from the spout, there is no misunderstanding that you need to do some repairs. However, some leakages are not obvious. A leak around the base where the body meets the sink is not easy to spot since you are always splashing water on the sink deck. Additionally, this leak occurs when the water is turned on making it hard to know that you have a problem. Make sure that you regularly check for this leakage. Dry the standing water on the sink, turn on the water, and then check for water seeping from the base of the faucet. The hardest type of leakage occurs below the faucet and sink. These leaks are also the most damaging. Make sure you read this post to know how you can repair your faucet before it turns to a significant problem.


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