Our Family’s Fun Filled Trip to Hershey Park #HersheyparkHappy


Disclosure: We were provided with free one day passes to Hershey Park. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, my family and I were given the opportunity to visit Hershey Park in PA. This was a first time for my girls and I, so we were all pretty stoked to be able to go! Hershey Park has so many different rides and attractions to offer that we just couldn’t possibly visit them all in one day. However, I’ll definitely be bringing the kids back so we can experience a few of the areas of the park we missed out on.


The drive from New Jersey was right under three hours so we definitely had a lot of family bonding time on the way up. When we finally arrived at Hershey Park, we were more than a little anxious to get the fun times rolling. There was plenty to explore, even upon arrival. It was fun to see Chocolate World and even more exciting knowing that we’d get to explore it right before we left! Once we got stamped in, we quickly grabbed a map of the park and started planning our first moves.


Hershey Park has multiple regions that help you to easily maneuver your way around the park. It can be a little intimidating at first if you’ve never been, but everything you need is provided for you on the map. If you have young children who don’t want to get on too many of the more thrilling rides, don’t fret. Hershey Park has over 20 different rides designed with them in mind. My youngest daughter isn’t too fond of roller-coasters and super fast rides, so we were pleased that there was plenty for her to experience and still have fun. The Carrousel was one of our first stops because just about everyone, including me, wanted to ride. After the youngest got her face painted, all the girls got on together.


My middle girl had so much fun getting on quite a few rides with her dad like the Scrambler and Wave Swinger. During the course of the day we made sure to grab a Games Value Pass ($19) which allowed the kids to experience more games and save us more money in the long run. There’s multiple areas throughout the park with different games to choose from, so they never got bored.


After a couple of hours exploring the park, we made a stop to get something to eat. Thankfully, Hershey Park has a plethora of food places to choose from including Nathan’s, Pizza shops, Rita’s, and Subway, just to name a few. We decided on the food court so everyone could get something that they liked. Hershey Park also has all day dining deals and meal tickets so you can save even more on food for the family during your visit.


A couple of other rides that I personally enjoyed was the Skyview & Coal Cracker. The Skyview takes you on a relaxed ride in the air where you can explore the park from a different point of view. You can see all the people and scene below you while relaxing for a few minutes. The Coal Cracker on the other hand was a little more intense. This fun filled water boat ride takes you for a water canal while picking up a little speed every so often. Then you take one big plunge and you want to go again!  My middle child, husband, and I rode together and we had so much fun.


Our very last stop and certainly the most entertaining was our tour of Chocolate World. We got to see how chocolate is made in the factory and learn so many great facts about the founding of Hershey Park. At the end we got to purchase some pictures of our ride and have a keepsake of our visit. We even got a sweet chocolate treat when departing the tour.


Overall, Hershey Park was one the best highlights of my summer. I got to experience the park for the first time, while creating some lasting memories with my family. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully that will be during their Christmas season in December. I’m also excited to go back for next summer so the kids can get to the boardwalk area next time.


Hershey Park has so much more attractions and events then I could cram in this one post. So check out the Hershey Park website, and don’t take my word for it, plan your own fun filled visit soon!

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