Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Review




Disclaimer: I was sent this product for a review and my honest opinion


First let me say this product is the coolest thing I have ever had, it amazes me on how it works and how fast it bonds together plastic and other surfaces. My glasses were broke and my husband and I used the Bondic Liquid Welder on my glasses, first we put the liquid on the open space where they were broken then used the UV light on it and it was set within seconds and my glasses are now fixed permanent . The Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder also works to reattach, build,  it fills & replaces any plastic you may have. Bondic can fix virtually anything-from phone chargers to glasses, and fishing lures to tail gates. Bondic is used in place of glue, yet is much stronger and more durable than glue. You can create a permanent or temporary bond to any surface by applying the liquid plastic, exposing to UV light to harden, then file, mold and paint. It is an amazing new product.




Unlike glue, Bondic stays in a liquid state until the UV light is applied, that means Bondic works where glue fails. You will have no more mess, no more fingers stuck together, no more waiting for glue to dry. Bondic was first discovered earlier this year on Discovery Science Channel’s new hit show, All-American Makers. Here are some Uses and Facts about Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder:

– Creates commercial-strength bond in 4-seconds

-Fixes, molds, fills, and repairs

-Adheres to most surfaces including plastic, metal, fiberglass, and wood

-Can be used underwater and on moist surfaces

-Only hardens when exposed to UV light. Gives use opportunity to scrape off and reapply if necessary

-Solvent-free non-carcinogenic and does not dry out like a glue


The Bondic Starter Kit which is what I received includes Wand, Liquid Plastic, and Curling UV Light. The retail price is $20.00 and is available at Amazon, Ace Hardware, Hobby Town, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other local retailers,  You have to try this product and you will never use glue again and it lasts longer also so get out there and buy you a Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder for just about anything you need, you will LOVE it.

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