Parents love this little device that sits in the palm of your hand…

And kids will HATE it.  But that is okay!  With childhood now plugged into the internet, it seems like every kid has their own electronics.  And my kids are no different, with each having a tablet, a computer for them to share, as well as a gaming system.   However limiting screen time is not always easy.
The KoalaSafe router is an easy way to customize the time your kids get to play at home, and it does it automatically after you follow the easy setup instructions.

koalasafeEssentially you plug it into your wireless modem and it makes a ‘kidsafe’ network.  Just make sure your kids are connecting to the Koala network – and delete the saved password of the regular wifi… kids are often more tech savvy than adults these days.  And when you log into the router from your own computer or mobile device you can set limits, block sites and apps, and keep tabs on what your kids are doing on their devices.  And best part, you can hook ALL of their wifi devices into the Koala network.

I tested this product out and my kids were VERY upset.  See some nights I have to go to bed before my kids do, and there are times I wake up for a bathroom run in the middle of the night to see the kids in the dark glued to their tablets.  I usually snap and growl at them, but I am sure sometimes they pull them back out when I stumble back into bed.  Sneaky little buggers kids are!  And judging by zombie eyes in the morning, that is exactly what they do.

Thanks to KoalaSafe, I can have their wifi access shut itself off at bedtime.  Period.  So I can go to sleep knowing they won’t be glued to the screen when they are supposed to be sleeping.  It is easy to adjust time so when they don’t have school the next morning, you can be generous and give them a little extra time.  And no more waking up at the crack of dawn to blast Minecraft music and videos!

And if you didn’t love controlling your kid’s internet usage yes… KoalaSafe has taking the 1% Pledge.

KoalaSafe has committed 1% of company equity to be donated to NFP organizations setup to help children.

KoalaSafe has committed 1% of our employees time through a paid Volunteer Time Off program. Our employees can use this time and their skills to help volunteer projects in our community.

It is a win win all around!  So if you are like me, and want to control what your kids are doing on the internet, consider KoalaSafe!  Keeping your kids safe in this digital age.

Disclaimer: I received a KoalaSafe router for free in return for my honest and unbiased review.


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