Having a Ball at our LeapFrog LeapBand #FitMadeFun Party


Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with LeapFrog, CLIF Kid, and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This past Saturday was such a fun filled day for the girls and their cousins at our #FitMadeFun MommyParty! We were able to test out the new LeapBand from LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sent us a generous amount of Zbars for all the kids to enjoy during the party. Everything turned out perfect and the kids and I all had a ball!


When all the kids get together, you already know it’s going to be nothing but fun. Adding the LeapBand into the mix made everything even more exiting for everyone. Since we already have a few LeapFrog products, setting up the LeapBands took no time at all. I was able to set both of them up the day of the party using LeapFrog connect that was already installed on my computer.


The LeapBand is an activity tracker that unlocks different activities as your child becomes active throughout the day. When you initially set up your child’s LeapBand through LeapFrog Connect, you can choose different activities that will be unlocked as he/she uses it more. You can also select certain times for when your child will not be able to use these features. The sleep mode will activate during times you choose in LeapFrog Connect like school and bed time and cannot be unlocked outside of the software. The only thing that will be accessible is the clock leaving no distractions while they are in class or interrupting their sleep.


All the kids had loads of fun doing all the LeapBand activities and my youngest daughter was so fascinated that she could make her characters dance. Getting the kids moving and staying active during the party wasn’t a problem once it was set up since the LeapBand continually kept them going. They also wanted to play Dance Central on the Kinect so it was non stop dancing and playing for the rest of the night. The little ones enjoyed snacking on the CLIF Kid Zbars in between each dance session then got right back in to enjoy the festivities.

At the end of the night, I sent the girls guests home with some of their own CLIF Kids bars and one of the LeapBands so they could continue to enjoy the tracker beyond our fun filled #FitMadeFun mommyparty. I’m so happy to report that all the kids had such a blast and kept saying how they couldn’t wait for the next party. Thanks LeapFrog, CLIF Kid, and MomSelect for all the goodies and helping to make this party a huge success!!

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