Stop Thinking You’re Not Good Enough


I am writing this post generally for all my bloggers, moms, dads, or anyone who struggles by setting limits for themselves. This is sort of a personal post (which I don’t do too many of) but feel it should be written. I have always struggled, even as a child with not feeling good enough. Too timid to step out of my shell for fear of what people may say, think, or even do. Sad to say, I have carried this into adulthood and even the blogging aspect of my life. Too often I set limits, thinking to myself, I can’t do this or I want to do this, but…. Telling myself, “You know that project is not within your reach or grasp”. I have so many ideas that flow through my head daily but nothing gets put into action.

2014 I was certain that nothing was going to hold me back. This was going to be a year I took my blog to a entire new level including increased income, visiting brand events, and so much more. Here we are and it’s almost March, a quarter of the way through 2014 and I feel I haven’t accomplished much. Why? Not because I don’t want to, but because I continue to set limits for myself. I continue to have that voice inside my head that says you can’t do this and you’re not qualified enough. Then comes the laziness, procrastination, and self pity.

So to my bloggers, new and old, and all my fans, family & friends. I want to express to you the importance of self motivation . You have valuable gifts and ideas that the world should and needs to hear. You are more than what you limit yourself to be. If you have a planner or notebook, write down your visions or anything you are hoping to accomplish when it comes to your blog, home life, and even your community. That way, you can have something to come back to when you need to. Often times (and I am guilty of this), we have ideas that we want to see come to life. We get them all worked out in our head and what happens? We tend to forget or don’t revisit it. Have an idea you are passionate about seeing come to life? Write it down immediately as soon as it becomes a thought so you can tweak it as you see fit, research what you may need to do to get it up and running, and then actually put it into action. Especially if you have truly made up in your mind that this is something you want to do. Don’t set limits on yourself and stop thinking you are not good enough. You are never too old to learn something new and as the saying goes, “The sky is the limit”. We have to continue to encourage one another and cheer each other on. You are good enough and you can do anything you put you mind to!

What are some things you have wanted to do but haven’t yet put into action or may not know where to start? We would love to hear and encourage you to complete your journey!


  1. says

    Great post! I agree the “Sky Is The Limit” and its really up to us to reach it! I have fallen into this category many times of thinking I am not good enough or I want to do this but don’t. I guess its a mind thing, I believe we can do anything if we put our mind to it. I’ll say our worst enemy sometimes is us, we allow fear to hold us back. I have learn to put my trust in God and step out on faith. I will not hinder myself anymore, if I see a chance to reach for the “Sky” I will do it with out worrying or looking back. Love this post and remember you too can do anything you set your mind to!

  2. LaShonda Dunbar says

    I love this!!! This is exactly my problem!!! I want to earn more money so one day we can own our own home!! There are other things that I want to focus on, it’s just this is a major one for me! We all need reminders every now and again that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!

  3. Sunrise Boyd says

    I have a blog, But i don’t know how to start making money, I read tons of books and blogs, but just can’t figure it out. But i need to. It’s what i want.


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