Teespring ~ Designing Custom T-shirts Has Never Been Easier


Disclosure: This is a sponsored posts written on behalf of Teespring and Sverve. All opinions are my own. 

My husband has been talking about getting shirts made for his Classic Sessions music idea and Teespring offers a way to do it without spending anything out of pocket. In fact, he could even make a profit! How? Instead of designing shirts and having to pay for them to be made and shipped, Teespring is totally different! You design your shirt with their online tool. You can upload your personal logo or use any of their images and add any wording that you would like on the front and back. You control how much you want each shirt to cost depending on what is added and the type of shirt.


Once you have everything the way you want it, you are ready to set a goal of how many shirts you want sold and how long you want your campaign to run. Teespring then calculates how much profit you would make from selling that many. You can even add options to your campaign where your purchasers can choose the type of shirt they want (long sleeve, women’s, etc.). The price is automatically adjusted when they choose from the drop down menu. Then it’s nothing else really left to do other than to name your campaign, add a description, and launch it. You can share your campaign on your social networks or anywhere online where your friends and family can purchase your designed shirt. Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket and the product doesn’t print or ship until the end of your launched campaign. There is also no worries about transporting shirts because they can be shipped directly to the purchaser. You can check out our Classic Sessions campaign to get an idea of what it looks like.



Teespring is perfect for fundraisers or even if you just want to make a little extra cash while watching your ideas come to life. I will definitely be sharing this company with other family members especially for our family reunion and next Moonsitter event. That way, the extra cash could go right back into the community and other expenses.

You can launch your own campaign by visiting Teespring! Designing custom T-shirts has never been easier!!

Did you launch a campaign? We would love to see your lovely shirts. Feel free to share.

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