The Basics of Getting Started with Nutrisystem

What you need to know to Succeed

So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge with Nutrisystem.  The pounds are adding up and you know that you need to do something fast to get your health and weight on track again.  Congratulations, you’ve chosen a great diet plan.  If you’re nervous about dieting, eating packaged food, and simply need a quick and easy guide to begin, this is where you’ll find it.  We’ll go through the basic steps of how you get started and how you set yourself up for success.  To start you’re going to need access to a computer with a strong internet signal.  Search online for any promotional deals or coupons for Nutrisystem so you can save a little money on the journey. WeightLossTriumph and MyCoupons are great places to look for Nutrisystem discounts.


Some Basic Steps

Now, once you’re on that computer, simply go to and visit the home page.  From here you can navigate and figure out which specific plan is right for you.  There are dietary choices for diabetics, those who are gluten intolerant, vegetarians and more.  Once you’ve perused some menus and decided which diet plan works for your lifestyle you can easily order a 30 day supply right from the website.

Customize your menu and order it to be shipped to a secure address.  That makes the most difficult step complete: simply taking the plunge and ordering the food. Don’t forget to check for current coupons and discounts.

What comes with your food? 

In addition to the food, you will receive an 80-page guide that shows you how to get started. It contains your daily tracker, talks about the groceries you should buy, vegetables that you should eat, how to get moving with the Daily-3 (the exercise regime), it has pictures of the food, success stories, and a very useful dining out guide. For tips about getting started with Nutrisystem watch Kristi’s video.

Clean out the Junk

Now what to do?  While you’re waiting for the food to arrive you need to educate yourself.  I suggest reading everything that is on the website ahead of time so that you’re completely armed with knowledge.  Now, clean out your pantry.  Get rid of all the junk that may temp you or put a damper on your diet.  What should you keep?  Fruits and vegetables as well as lean dairy products and protein are all part of the plan.  Stock up on produce, get some fat free yogurt and cottage cheese, as well as lean slices of fish and poultry.

Getting organized

Now, your kitchen is ready and your box of food arrives.  Open the box and organize the various breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in your pantry so that they’re clearly marked and easy to grab.  There is a food journal enclosed in your package, but you can buy your own if you choose.  During the first week it’s really helpful to plan ahead and create a menu so you know exactly what you’re eating that day.  Note throughout the day what you planned to ate and then what you actually ate so you can track your progress.  Weekly weigh-ins are also really helpful to see if the program is working for you.

Annette, a freelance writer who has tried Nutrisystem, wrote this article


  1. Debra Sauvageau says

    Am glad they offer dietary choices..sometimes planning a mealfor mom who is diabetic and on blood thinners is a real trying thing. So this would make my life easier….But they had me with the picture that states Pancakes, Hamburger,Lasagna, Ice Cream..though I don’t really eat a lot of cookies. Thanks for the review!

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