K-cups as Low as 36 Cents!!


Do you enjoy a K-Cup in the morning or before bed? I sure do! Why not branch out and try new flavors! I love trying out new flavors and sometimes amazed at what thy continue to come up with. There are savings right now on K-Cups that you do not want to miss! Have a look below!!

Get the Wolfgang Puck Coffee 24 Count Pack for only $0.66 per K-Cup! This one sounds interesting!

Try the Grove Square Hot Chocolate for $0.50 per K-Cup!

Ever tried Italian Roast Coffee? Try Tully’s Italian Roast for only $0.61 per K-Cup!

Hazelnut is a favorite among coffee lovers! Grab the Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut for only $0.59 per K-Cup!

Green Mountain is a great brand of coffee! Try the Green Mountain Dark Magic Coffee for only $0.60 per K-Cup! I thought this one was pretty good!

You can get the San Francisco Bay Coffee for only $0.36 per K-Cup!

Pick up the Coffee People Black Tiger Dark Roast for only $0.62 per K-Cup!

Maybe you aren’t a coffee fan? Try the Twinings English Breakfast Tea for only $0.51 per K-Cup!

You can get the Lipton Tea for only $0.59 per K-Cup!

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