Electronics Under $40


Electronic items seem to be very popular these days. They make for a wonderful gift and with Christmas coming up you can knock out every techie on your list! You don’t have to go broke just to buy Christmas gifts! Here is a wonderful list of items $40 and Under! Take a look!

Electronic Tablet not what you need? Check out this VT Graphic Pen Tablet for only $32.24!

Make your music a little louder with these iHome Portable Speakers for only $19.37!

Get an Epson Label Maker for only $28.95! Keep your home a little more organized with this handy tool!

Need to add a DVD Player? You can get a progressive scan Sylvania DVD Player for only $33.91!

Get a Naxa Portable MP3/CD Player with AM/FM for only $38.86!

Pick up a SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player for only $30.95!

Need a house phone? Get the VTech 2 Handsets for just $32.25!

Go wireless with the Logitech Wireless Mouse for only $19.99!

Pick up an Anker Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for your tablet and always have a keyboard! The Bluetooth Keyboard is only $19.99!

If you need a keyboard for your desktop, pick up the Logitech Keyboard for only $11.11!

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