DVD’s Under $5


Movies are such a great investment! I love watching a great movie on a relaxing Saturday or Sunday. You can also have a wonderful date night with a movie night! Check out this list of DVD’s $5 and under to add to your collection!

Pick up P.S. I Love You for only $3.99! I have never seen this but at this price it’s worth taking a look at!

Check out this oldie but goody What About Bob for only $4.99!

Have you seen Red? Such a good movie! You can pick up Red for only $4.75.

If you like scary movies, pick up Insidious for only $4.75 if you dare!!

You can add to the children’s movie collection with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for only $4.99.

Pick up The Secret (Extended Edition) for only $4.78!

Get The Land Before Time (Anniversary Edition) for only $5.00! I grew up on this movie. Love it!

Grease is an oldie but a goodie! Pick up Grease for just $4.75!

Have you seen The Way? Pick up The Way for only $4.52!

Add Soul Surfer to your collection for only $4.99! I love this movie.

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