Make a Perfect Bottle With Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine!



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We were sent a free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why I didn’t have some of the products that are available now back when my girls were babies. Tommee Tippee’s perfect prep machine is one of those items that fit this bill. Tommee Tippee offers a massive line of high quality infant and toddler feeding products, with this being one of their newest. The perfect prep machine allows you to perfectly prepare your child’s bottle at the ideal temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit in just two minutes. It doesn’t matter if you are transitioning from breast to bottle feeding, with this machine, it can make your journey a little easier.



Your perfect prep comes with the machine, a bottle, and filter that last up to 3 months. There is no need to buy any special water because it filters it right in the machine saving you money in the long run. Once you have filtered your water and have a sterilized bottle, place it on the machine, push the start/stop button, and a hot shot of water will release into the bottle. This will take care of any bacteria that may be lurking. ┬áPour your desired amount of formula in your child’s bottle and gently shake until it is dissolved (should only take a couple seconds). Place your bottle back on the machine and push the start/stop button for the remaining water to be dispersed into the bottle. That’s it! You have a perfectly prepared bottle for your young one. The bottom piece is detachable so you can adjust how high or low you would like your bottle. For bigger bottles you can make it lower and vise/versa. You can also turn the knob to change how many ounces of formula you are want to make.

There you have it! Not only is the perfect prep a time saver for mom, but anyone in her circle. It is safe, easy to use, and gives you just the right temperature for baby to drink. No matter what your feeding preference is, bottle feeding, transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, or both, the Tommee Tippee perfect prep is definitely worth looking into. It’s available exclusively at Babies “R” Us stores and online for $149.

Don’t forget to check out Tommee Tippee and their amazing line of products. As always, you can connect with this brand on Facebook and Twitter. Have a favorite Tommee Tippee product? They would love to hear your feedback!!

We were sent a free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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