4 Free and Amazing Workout Apps

Working out is not something that has to be done in the gym these days. With technology you can have a private work out instructor at anytime and any place. Working out from home has become more popular then ever. Having children, working long hours, or being involved with an extra curricular can all be excuses not to go to the gym. With these apps all of your excuses are eliminated.


1.Nike Training Club

This app is absolutely the best free workout app that is available. Nike Training Club app is full of the absolute best individual workouts and workout plans. This app allows you pick certain areas of the body that you want to work and it creates a workout plan upon your request. The app has a video for each workout so that you can imitate the instructor. Along with working out you can earn points that unlock prizes like coupons on workout equipment and free smoothie recipes.

2.Map My Run

This app is the top free GPS running app available at this time. With Map My Run you will feel like a professional runner with a coach in your ear the entire time. You can either just take off running with a goal distance in place or map out your run before hand so you know exactly how far you will be running. The app will let you know as you are running your pace, distance, and total time. Beforehand you can set goals and the app will let you know if you are meeting them or need to work harder. This app is a must have for runners and people who want to be runners.

3.Ab Workout FREE

Ab Workout is a simple to the point app for people who want to work on their abs. The app allows you to choose from a 5, 7.5, or 10 minute workouts. There are 3 different workout plans with every time limit. If you don’t want to do a full work out plan there is an option to choose specific work outs with video and audio so that you can imitate the instructor. This app is great for people who like simple but still want quality workouts.


Fitocracy is a work out app similar to Nike Training Club but that allows you to network with others that are working out with the app as well. This app allows you to collect points for different workouts and unlock rewards. Unlike other apps this app will give you points for different types of workouts such as swimming or playing your favorite sport. On this app you can store away your favorite workout for later and share them with your friends. This app is perfect for someone who already lives an active life style and wants to keep track of his or her successes.

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