Spray & Splash Inflatable Water Park Giveaway

I was not compensated for this post, however Our friends at Night Time Helper did receive a product sample from BLAST ZONE for purpose of review, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% her own. We are posting this review and giveaway with her permission.

Its here, its here! That’s right the Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park has arrived! See the box.

Night Helper

Night Helper

Night Helper’s Review

We are so excited to welcome the Spray N Splash 2 into our home. It is just what the kids need in this warm weather. The kids do not get a chance to visit the pool over the summer months because it is always over crowded.

When Blast Zone allowed me to share their Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park with the kids, I couldn’t wait! It is the prefect water park entertainment to have right in the comfort of your own backyard.

No standing in line, no standing on hot pavement and no waiting to take turns. The Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park will allow your children to enjoy lots of fun this summer. I think it is the “BEST” investment mom and dad can make plus it retails at a great price.

When we unpacked our box and laid every piece down, we were able to see all that was needed to put the Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable together. The box contained the Inflatable water slide, blower, spray hose to connect to inflatable slide, stakes to secure Spray N Splash 2 and the storage bag.

Night Helper

Night Helper

The Water Park has two areas that must be secured before you start. One area is for the blower and the other area is where you tie the strings together to prevent air from seeping!

Night Helper

Night Helper

Night Helper


You also have to make sure that your Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable is anchored down on all sides. This is very important because you do not want the wind to blow or tip the Spray N Splash 2 when in use.

We turned on the blower after it was connected to the inflatable and within minutes……

Night Helper

Night Helper

“Boom”! It was up and ready for the kids to enjoy! I love the design, colors and especially the easy set up.

Night Helper

Night Helper

The set up was easy as 123! The blower blew up the inflatable to quick that I blinked my eyes and it was fully inflated! Once I did my walk around to make sure all was secured and anchored correctly, I began to add the water sprayers at the top of the Spray N Splash 2.

Night Helper

Night Helper

The sprayers are held up with velcro and was very easy to install to the Spray N Splash 2! Once you have installed them you can then attach the water hose to the connector. Now you can sit back and watch the kids have a grand time all while in they comfort of your own backyard.

Night Helper

Night Helper

Night Helper

Night Helper

I tell you, the kids played all day and even when I suggested they take a break, they wouldn’t budge. They just went right by me waving and climbed right back on the Spray N Splash 2. All I could do was laugh! I sat back and watch them enjoy themselves for hours. They must have splashed me hundreds of time LOL!

The great thing about this product is I knew they were safe, having fun, and most of all they weren’t in the house watching TV or playing those video games. They were able to run around and have fun along with getting some much needed exercise. The kids took turns climbing the Spray N Splash 2 for hours. I do recommend that you speak with your children about only sliding down on their behinds while playing. It is not recommended for children to slide down head first for safety reasons.

Night Helper

Night Helper

I noticed the Spray N Splash 2 had a some very important warnings signs throughout the inflatable, warning signs that were visible and easy to understand.

Night Helper

Night Helper


Ready to get wet and wild and win one of these babies for yourself? This looks like it is so much fun and I know my kids would really enjoy this in our back yard. One lucky reader will win and have their own special outdoor mini fun park! Just enter below using the rafflecopter form. Open to US only 18 and older. Ends 5/31. Good luck!

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  1. Amy Tolley says

    the other play place my son would love it the pirate bay infatable play park he would love all of them to be honest…

  2. Amy Tolley says

    what would my son say if i won this and he saw it in the back yard would be the loudest YAY WOW AWESOME CAN I GO ON IT NOW……he,d lol be so excited..thanks

  3. Rachael Bleymaier says

    I like the bounce castles, esp. with slides. All the products would be great for the kids in my life.

  4. Jacqueline Stolz says

    Little Bopper Bounce House but if I don’t win then it would be the Tropical Splash Compact Backyard Water Slide

  5. Linda D. says

    The Hydro Rush Water Park looks awesome!!! With my 2 grandkids living next door & my 10 yr old they would have a blast this summer!!!

  6. Colleen M says

    Hang Ten wet n dry combo, Bounce Bopper, wow I love just about everything!! Thanks for sweeps.

  7. sara m ford says

    They will look at me then back at the slide then say OMG OMG OMG yay thank you mom over and over jumping up and down. Phoenix AZ Iis so hot in the summers 109-115 so the kids would love this!!!

  8. Melissa says

    The Hang Ten Inflatable Bouncer Combo would be awesome to have! The kids would be entertained for hours at a time!

  9. Michelle Proper says

    Wow! So many great products to choose from for my 2 Grandsons! I especially liked the Hang Ten Wet and Dry Bouncer Combo! Looks like so much fun for my little guys!

  10. krista grandstaff says

    They will say…O M G.. ! LOL And I have no doubt there would be a lot of high pitched screaming 🙂

  11. Erin sons says

    So many!! Loving the combo bounce and slide(wet or dry!) and the pirates!! Too much fun! And the crocodile!! Double the fun!! Loving then all!! My three and the four I babysit, and the three next door… Wow I would be loved if I had one of these, lol!!!

  12. Erin sons says

    So many!! Loving the combo bounce and slide(wet or dry!) and the pirates!! Too much fun! And the crocodile!! Double the fun!! Loving then all!! My three and the four I babysit, and the three next door… Wow I would be loved if I had one of these, lol!!!!

  13. Crissy brown says

    Little bop bounce house. I have 2 ASD kids and they love stuff like this. This would be awesome therapy and help with sensory

  14. Danielle Lindquist says

    Not only my kids but the neighborhood kids would FREAK OUT. My son thinks this water slide is amazing and would be so fun for the summer

  15. says

    kids will love these when they are hot and panting for a breeze or a cold drink but ADULTS WILL HAVE FUN JUST WATCHING AND HELPING KIDS COOL OFF

  16. Mary Rodwicz says

    Love them all ! We don’t have a pool but wow would the kids love any of these ! I really liked the hang ten wet and dry super combo ! The kids can get wet then dry off in the fun dry side ! Love it ! ❤❤❤

  17. Mary Rodwicz says

    The first thing the kids will say is … “OMG !!!! Please Mom , please Mom , please ill
    Do anything !! Ill clean my room every day etc etc please !!!!

  18. Mary Rodwicz says

    Wow! What a great summer giveaway ! A water park in the comfort of your very own backyard ! No long lines and burning feet on hot pavement and after reading all the reviews , it’s so easy to assemble ! What a great fun adventure in your own backyard ! This would definitely get the kids to stop playing video games and go outside !!! 🙂

  19. Paula Tavernie says

    Sorry I didn’t mean to leave 2 comments! Can you take the first one off for me? Thank you!

  20. Kayce says

    Buccaneer Inflatable Water Park looked awesome, but my granddaughter Elliana would love the Bounce Boppers!

  21. abby lassiter says

    the hang ten looks pretty awesome. I am, however, having troubles viewing some pages of their website, not sure why. 🙁

  22. Ashley Gill says

    The Triple Play Moonwalk Double Slide Combo looks awesome! my children would love anything they can climb on though!


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