Ways to Change up Your Look On a Budget

There are so many looks out there. Don’t be too dull to experiment. This doesn’t mean that you should go against your personality; it just means you should have some fun. The following article lists some simple methods to change up your look without breaking the bank.

Wardrobe revamp

Shopping is inevitable when trying to change your look, that doesn’t mean however that you can’t change your look on a budget. Try to go for versatile pieces of clothing when shopping. You want to be able to get more than one look out of the items you purchase. There is no reason in purchasing a top that only looks good with that striped skirt you own; this insures that you’ll wear your clothes more than once. Before you head to shops you should look at what you already own, perhaps you can give some of your clothes a new lease on life. – If you have an old pair of dark flared jeans cut them off to create a punk pair of women’s shorts. Rip and distress your old jeans to get true punk or emo look.  For a surfer and beach chick look cut off a pair of old light jeans. You could also think outside of the box with linen pants and capris. Don’t be too quick to dismiss second hand shops. There are some great treasures to be found, one person’s trash is another’s treasures. Just because something is cheap does not mean it’s not quality. When buying second hand make sure to try on the item. This will not only make sure the fit is flattering but also give you a chance to check for any defects.

Face refresh

Changing your makeup is a great way to dramatically change your look. Simple things like using a natural blush can make all the difference. The right blush will it make it look like you’ve actually blushed, naturally rosy cheeks are a great way to look refreshed. You should also invest in an eyelash curler; your eyes should always look framed. To go for different looks simply follow below; – Emo/punk: This is all about dark eyeliner and mascara. Go for a smoky eye look and red lipstick for a more mature and sultry look. – Beach babe: This is all about complimenting your natural attributes with minimal makeup. Add a bit of bronzer to look sun kissed look. It’s as easy as brainstorming. Start thinking about looks that you’ve seen in magazines and thought you could never pull off. Be brave and dive on in. You’ll regret what you didn’t try more.

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