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For those who love and wear Boho Chic, online window shopping on Rosie True is an utter joy. Rosie True is a high end clothing and accessories store that offers some of the best crafty and artsy pieces available on the market today. And since tribal and native prints have become vogue, Rosie True has become even more relevant to to-days clothing trends. The essential best buys on offer at Rosie True include their hand crafted dresses, their boots, shorts from AG Clothing, and their beautiful embroidered and crochet tops. They have some excellent silk and cotton pieces which you can also check together with their silk rompers in batik prints.

10yr Rio Daisy Short
Boho Chic is the pricier cousin of Bohemian style, a fashion lifestyle that has been around for centuries. This is homespun: literally homespun and home-made, a style worn by roaming nomads and free spirits. As roaming gypsies became more affluent, they have taken the form or Sienna Miller and Drew Barrymore. Bohemian got a pricey upgrade in the form of Boho Chic. No need to weave your own organic threads; just buy them for a few hundreds of dollars in the latest style at boutiques like Rosie True.

And what an offering Boho Chic has spawned. It has made homespun very much premium stuff. This is great news to our traditional textile crafts that would have remained in the realm of musty grandmothers, lost forever to a past generation. Being Boho Chic is not just a consumer enterprise. The style supports a hoard of hand crafts that would not find a market otherwise. Hand-made, old school quality pieces are in and here to stay in it new incarnation of Boho Chic.

Dixon Heather Denim Vest
Unless you can sew, crochet or embroider and batik yourself, buying these pieces can burn a hole in your pockets. Learning the skills to make these clothes takes time, even if you have a grandmother to teach you, but so very worth it. A quick search on the Internet will reveal dozens of tutorials on how to make your own clothes and accent your existing clothes with embroidery or a crochet trim. Batik your jumper, ombre dye your shorts, everybody is doing it at home. But there are some luxuries that are worth buying from a reputable store, such as hand-made boots made from premium soft leather.

Novelty tops are also a great item to window shop online, and get ideas from to make your own top. We are seeing a lot of South Asian influence in Boho Chic, particularly in the flowing shapes and colours of these breezy fabrics. Sheer tops and loose fits are refreshing and pleasing to the eye. More importantly, they do well for all body types. Full crochet tops, short dresses and short shorts is a trend that has been around since 2010 and looks to be still going strong in 2013. Pieces like these are kept forever.

Maria Valdez is a future stylist and model who writes for trend and fashion online magazines. She highly recommends shorts from AG Clothing with best purchases during sale seasons.

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