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I love that my girls don’t mind playing with toys that are mostly geared towards boys. Gone are the days where girls play with just Barbies and boys just play with G.I. Joe toys and things of that nature. When I was growing up, I loved all types of toys although Barbie was my favorite. Moving on, when our beast hunter arrived my youngest was the first to grab for it. My husband is a big kid so as soon as it was opened he had to figure out how it works. Each deluxe beast hunter can be transformed from a robot to a car.

TFBH Deluxe class RATCHET Robot Mode

Our beast hunter came packaged in the form of a robot so my hubs had to turn it into it’s car form. I have to say that even for him this was no easy task. It was a little complicated so little ones might need the help of an adult. My girls didn’t really mind that it was complicated because most of the time they were playing with it in robot form. My 7 year old did shock me showing mommy how it is done. She was able to easily change the beast hunter back and forth from robot to car. Kids, I tell you, they know how to make me feel old (haha). This is how it looks in it’s car form. Sorry, I had my personal photos, but I had difficulty loading them.

TFBH Deluxe class RATCHET Vehicle Mode

Overall, my girls love the beast hunters. They are fun to play with and judging by my hubby, they are great for any age. It has quickly become another addition to their toy collection. Transformer beast hunters are available for purchase now and are retailed at $14.99. You can purchase them here. Be sure to check out the Transformer website, facebook, and Hasbro news twitter for other products and information.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and Hasbro partnered in support of this campaign. Hasbro compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts are my own. 


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