Petmate Portion Right Food Dispenser

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Portion Right Food Dispenser Review


portion right food dispenser

The new portion right food dispenser from Petmate is amazing. It’s super easy to portion your dogs food and at the same time convenient. With a turn of a wheel, their food is dispensed with as little or as much food that you need. Each turn dispenses a small amount of food. Just keep turning until you have the desired amount for your size pet. The bowl can be detached and used with or without the top dispenser part making it easy to use and a breeze for feeding.

When this arrived we couldn’t wait to use it. Our dog Diamond has grown out of her tiny feeding bowls and it was time for an upgrade. On top of that, we have a huge tote where we store her dog food in the closet. The problem with that is, every time we want to feed her we have to dig in the bottom of the closet. This can be uncomfortable especially when we are running low on food. Our portion right feeder sits perfectly right next to the cage and we only have to refill it about once a week.


How do you add pet food to the portion right food dispenser? The grey top is removable and the rim of the clear container is wide enough to easily add food straight from the bag. We love everything about the new Petmate portion right food dispenser. Diamond really likes it too so we recommend it highly. You can check out this portion right food dispenser and the broad line of other products Petmate has to offer on their website.

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