Do You Use Klout? Why or Why Not?

I love Klout Perks

I have been using Klout for quite some time now and have gotten some pretty cool perks. The ones you see below are just a couple of my most recent perks. What is Klout? Klout is free to join and gives you a score  (1-00) based on your social media influence. Everyone has a klout score and it can increase or decrease depending on how many likes, shares, mentions, and more that you have across your social networks.


Crest 3D white strips and a $10 Walmart gift card


Olay Total Effects CC cream

You can connect as many social networks as you want, the more the better. There are also topics that you can add to your profile. These topics are things that you are either passionate about or have experience with. For instance, blogging is one of my topics because I love blogging and have been doing for a bit now. Anyone can add +k’s to your topics. These can be given to you by any other influencers to let the world know they feel the same way. You can also give others +k’s. Klout adds perks all the time and the higher your score, the better they get. Sometimes they only apply to a specific topic or location. For example, someone with a influence in the topic Samsung could claim a Samsung Galaxy (just an example).

I love klout and have received plenty other perks. Everyone has a klout score so if you love getting free things just for being you, then this would be perfect to join. Check out Klout and find out what your score is and what perks you can get! Mine is 63.

If you are a member, do you like it? What do you like or dislike about it?


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    Wow! You’ve gotten some awesome perks! I love them too though we don’t get as many in Canada 😛 We got some really nice free business cards though and a photo book so those were neat 🙂

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    I loved Klout before their most recent change to their site. Now I never get any perks. I can’t even see the newest perks, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve gotten some good stuff from there in the past though!

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