UBC Day 8: Peace and Quiet, It Was Good While it Lasted

I love my kids and hubby, I really do. But every now and then I need a little me time. I usually get this after they have went to sleep or before they wake up in the morning. Every so often the kids leave me for the weekend and go to their grandparents house or another family members house. Yesterday was one o those days that they went to their grandparents house to stay. Oh how I enjoyed the peace and quiet all last night and being able to get things done that needed to. I enjoyed a peaceful evening with the hubby until we went to sleep. He works every Sunday so today I was able to just enjoy being alone and get reviews that I needed to get done without any┬áinterruptions. No kids running around, calling or poking me asking for something every other second. No hubby complaining about something being out of place. Just me and the dog that doesn’t make any noise unless someone is at the door or hears something out of the ordinary. True peace and quiet. Oh it was so lovely while it lasted but now the kids are back and everything is back to normal. I have to say I missed them but how good it felt to have just that little bit of peace!!

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  1. says

    Another UBC blogger wrote about a woman’s propensity to apologize on automatic pilot. Your first sentence was yours. It’s ok to enjoy quiet time away from loved ones and you don’t have to preface it. In fact, I think that it should be a mandate for mothers to have quiet time. lol Here’s wishing that you have many, many more wonderful moments on your own and tell hubby that the good lord gave him hands too.
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  2. Sarah says

    My husband and I live thousands of miles away from any family, and we don’t really have any friends who are able to keep all three of my chicklets for any long length of time (aged 2, 1, and 6 months), so I definitely envy you the opportunity for some *real* alone time. I certainly do cherish nap-times though (I manage to get all three of them down at the same time for 3-4 hours every day, so that pretty much saves my sanity).

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